Gemini man: compatibility with other signs

-man Gemini - this is the person that is never boring.He seemed to glow from within.But his troubles can guess only black humor that slips into his regular jokes.Dating and relationships that guy sea, but none of them are likely to not develop into a friendship.Communication - his element.He seemed set for meetings and negotiations.And when they are absent, the hunger of communication is so strong that the twins may resort to any method to calm him down.The inner world and his feelings are closed from everyone.On issues relating to privacy, in return, you get a lot of jokes.This is a man-Twins.It will be fully compatible with only one partner, who gave him a pleasant communication and give herself completely to his feelings.Well, now, in order: with whom he will be happy, and with whom it is better not to meet at all?


truly unpredictable Gemini man.Compatibility with Aries, his woman, perhaps because is considered ideal that it meets all of its requirements.They are always fun and interesting to each other, there is always talk about the long winter evenings.Both love to joke and argue over trifles.But this union is not enough fire.It may well give children not only will please the man's twin, but also to strengthen the alliance.Aries and Gemini do not like the same life and the monotony, but you have to put up with them.After all, the mess in the house they do not like.


This alliance will be very difficult.He - like woven from sparks and light, and it is - very calm.Never tolerate restrictions on freedom of Gemini man.Compatible with Taurus so complex that it is very homely, not like noisy companies.But her house - always a full cup.And so like twins.


The pair will never be bored.Both moving like mercury, they are always busy with something.But this is what can cause a rupture.After doing their own business, they move away from each other.To strengthen the alliance can a common cause, which would be the two of them engaged with all their usual alacrity and enthusiasm.


If these two come together, you can watch an interesting picture: it is almost always serious and closed, and he was cheerful and restless, such is his Zodiac.Gemini man is able to make life interesting and unusual cancer, forcing her to escape from her eternal shell.All the problems of women will be able to solve the Twins playfully and with humor.


This alliance is the most successful.He's laughing solves so many problems that seem to them no more.But this is becoming a major difficulty, because the relationship could also remain at jokes and more.However, if they have a joint activity, the fellowship grow into something more.They will be able to find common ground and open.Leo only need to remember the main thing: in any case it is not necessary to limit communication with relatives twins.They are for men - holy.


This union is hardly perfect.Virgin clearly lacks fire and passion, but it is burning like a flame, and is always looking for the same.And where to find - at home or on the side - it is unknown.This all-male twin.It is only compatible with the ardent and passionate nature, which can ignite and, more importantly, to support this fire.


These two are perfect for each other.After all, he - a connoisseur of beauty and intelligence.Oh, this twin-man!Compatibility him in this respect with a female Libra and therefore is considered the most complete.He captivated by her beauty and believes that he has found his ideal.She, in turn, feels the same way.Union they can last for many years.


This alliance rests only on sex.Other points of contact does not exist.


marriage the couple can be quite successful.But this requires a lot of new experiences.And the more there are, the more interesting will be the relationship.


With this Gemini woman will feel a little kid.It will always be paramount.But it does not help to get rid of anger and misunderstanding in marriage.


With it, he will be happy.Mass general connects this pair.But a stone of contention, to overcome which is unlikely to succeed, it would be polygamy.Loves Twin painful blow to the ego of Aquarius and permanently destroy this wonderful union.


with this lady Union almost impossible.They have nothing in common except sex.But to be beautiful and wonderful lovers married couple - this is not the same thing.