Mushroom truffle - the most expensive and unusual

truffle - mushroom marsupial forming underground tuberous fleshy fruiting body.It grows in the forests.It is saprophyte.Mycelium forms strands which envelop nearby tree roots.The fungus helps the tree get additional moisture and protects it from diseases of microbial nature.

mycelium is durable, provided that it does not destroy.In a supportive environment periodically forms fruiting bodies that contain spores, which further breeding.In terrestrial fungal spores are carried by wind and water.And an underground fungus reproduction depends on the animals that eat it, digest it, and scroll to the remains, and which will be controversial.

Mushroom Truffle highlights the characteristic smell is to attract animals.Not all species are edible.There are varieties of mushroom that exude a "flavor" of rotten herring.

greatest value has Perigord.It is fragrant, black, warty outside, inside reddish-black or dark gray, streaked with a lighter color.It grows in the south of France and northern Italy, mainly in beech and oak groves.It has great industrial importance.No wonder it is called the "black diamond" and "naughty prince."The French consider their national product mushroom truffle.Photos show him well.

little less valuable truffle Trinity, or white polish.The pulp of its fruit body light, looks like a potato.It grows in forests in Western Europe, also found in Russia, for example, in the Moscow region.

mushroom truffle develops and matures under the ground at a depth of 5 to 20 cm. These mushrooms grow in a few pieces side by side, forming a nest.In some cases, part of the fungus is visible from the ground.Its size can vary from hazel to good potatoes, occasionally there are specimens weighing more than 1 kg.

Once in Italy have found a mushroom truffle weighing 720 grams.It was sold at auction for 210,000 dollars.This fact confirms the prevailing opinion that it is the most expensive mushroom in the world.

There is evidence that regularly eating a mushroom truffle, you can stay young.Unfortunately, he can not be cultured, although attempts have been made to do it a lot.

to find this amazing mushroom, you can resort to the help of a trained pigs or dogs.Pigs instinct for truffles, but that she did not eat the find, its pre-taught.For this job selected females aged 4 months.Finding a mushroom truffle pig hoof starts to dig the ground, it is distilled in a consolation give some delicacy, for example, boiled beans.Trained pigs working for 10 years or more.The disadvantage of these bloodhounds that they quickly get tired.The dog can search a long time, but for this job only fit poodles.

There is another way to determine the locus of the fungus.It is necessary to watch the truffle flies.They at sunset circling swarm over the land and lay eggs only about these fungi to larvae feed fruit bodies.For a place sit swarm there and you need to dig.

of these amazing mushrooms prepare various dishes for gourmets who are willing to pay any money.