What bananas grow?

What bananas grow?Ask a kid and you hear in response to that palm.But it will tell the children.A wise life experience, scratched his head, speak the "Banana growing on a banana tree, but this is not a tree, but the real grass, tropical and tall as a tree."And they're right, it really is grass, although similar to a tree.

Firstly, banana trunk is not in the traditional sense, i.e. it grass.And what it looks like a trunk up to 6 m (sometimes 9 - 10 m, Why not a banana-tree), it is rolled into a tube strong leaves.They begin to grow almost on the ground, and pulled up together.And when he grows up 30-40 leaves, stems appears inside the package, which also wants to the sun.And since it is at a height of several meters.

Secondly, the fruit of a banana - a fruit (for botanical classification), but berries, after selection with almost no seeds.250 Banana is one.Therefore grow them vegetatively.Even dried rhizomes do not lose germination and grow after planting and watering.This is often used by immigrants and they are well known on what

grow bananas.These fruits are also used as a dessert, in the form of flour, and dried, and pickled, and fried and steamed, and others. It's casual food in Latin America, Africa and Asia.Even the Germans eat 20 kg of bananas per person per year.And America - only 18 kg.But in Germany in 1933 the Nazis began to need all the currency in the country, as well as bananas have not grown, had to start antibananovuyu propaganda."A little child died after eating bananas;man, I gorged itself bananas, rushed to the hospital;"We are not monkeys, German strawberries are better than African bananas."There was even banned the film "Why yellow banana" and so forth. But after the war, American bananas have become a symbol of well-being.And in 1995, the Europeans have introduced the international standard on 'evrobanany. "And the Americans, vozivshie bananas to Europe are not covered by this standard - the smaller the size.And although the Germans know what to grow bananas, but competition is competition.

Third, young banana plantations need to weed, and do it hard in the hot sun.Whereas in ancient Rome called on the help of geese that eat the weeds and do not touch the bananas - they were not to his liking.

Kyivlyanyn Anatoly Paty also knows on which grow bananas in his garden.It grows in a greenhouse of more than one year, and manages to get the harvest "Kiev dwarf" to 300 or even 400 fruits per plant, which is not less than 50 kg.The height of the grass, "the Kiev-dwarf" is not more than 1.7 m, and "Superkarlik" even lower - up to 1 m. They grow and bloom in a greenhouse at + 15-16 degrees Celsius.The size of a banana - up to 15 cm. The dwarf is a dwarf.

Bananas must be cleaned before use.Banana peel is used only in comedies, to the hero slipped on it and fell very funny.Now it is used in cosmetics, including for the removal of warts.

banana peel is thoroughly dried, it contains large amounts of tannin - a colorant for black leather.

But Brazilians went on.G. Castro (not to be confused with Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and V. Castro) chopped peel cleans the drinking water from copper and lead for 10 minutes and eleven times in a row.And Milena Boniolo of the State of Sao Paulo powder peel cleans industrial wastewater.And this stuff they have not to measure.