Acacia white: medical properties.

Acacia white - a favorite of many plants.It is as popular for its excellent decorative effect, and for the fact that due to the very strong root system easily survives even in sandy soils.Therefore, a white acacia are successfully used in landscape design to strengthen the artificial mounds and slopes crumbling.

protects it and farmland.For this purpose, white acacia planted fields at the edges of belts.A lovely honey-only properties added this tree popularity.

But not only for decorative purposes and economic grown locust.Medicinal properties of its well-known to many people, are a separate discussion.The plant is used for various ailments.For this purpose, the best raw materials are considered the flowers of this magnificent bush.They are used both fresh and dried form for cooking various concoctions and infusions.For curative therapy can also be used jam made from acacia flowers.

chemical composition of parts of the bush

Many home gardens found such a plant as acacia.Medicinal properties that it has made it very popular with most gardeners.The chemical composition of different parts of the acacia, and especially its color, most often used for human medical therapy, is still under study.

well known is the fact that they contain in large enough quantities robinin flavonoid, which is able to provide excellent hypoazotemic action, that is, facilitate the withdrawal from the body of urea.On its basis in traditional medicine manufactured medicines designed for this purpose.But due to the fact that the substance is toxic, self-medication can be dangerous acacia.Use products made on the basis of parts of the plant is only after consultation with a specialist.

The flowers and leaves also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, tannins, essential and fatty oils, flavonoids, glycosides, sugar and pectin and organic acids.Due to its chemical composition flowers acacia find application not only in the treatment of various diseases, but also in their prevention.This plant is very effective for extending periods of remission of various kinds of serious diseases.Particularly good reviews about the therapeutic properties of this plant were obtained from patients who due to any reason not recommended the use of conventional dosage forms.

healing properties of plants tested centuries

locust, medicinal properties which are used in the treatment of many diseases, known since ancient times.Even in the XVIII century, people know that black locust, and especially its color, has excellent healing properties, so it is extensively used in the treatment of certain diseases.

In recent years, more and more people turning to the proven folk medicine for centuries and is used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases grandmothers recipes that have proven effective.Much attention is of acacia and white, which has always been famous as an indispensable therapeutic assistant, even in cases where conventional medicine is helpless.

Acacia white in folk medicine

very popular among lovers of folk, proven recipes grandmothers for centuries black locust.Treatment of this plant is possible in almost any, even the most advanced cases.Folk medicine recommended that you use the flowers of this plant.The leaves and bark of young shoots are used in famous, providing a great curative effect recipes, much less.

pharmacological properties of acacia

In modern pharmacology is also popular locust.The healing properties of its very valuable.Thanks to them, preparations made from the flowers of this shrub are very effective in the treatment of many diseases.They use them in the production of traditional drugs with properties such as:

  • slight laxative;
  • antispasmodic;
  • expectorant;
  • diuretic;
  • antipyretic.

Admission traditional medicines, which are made on the basis of extracts from flowers of this plant, is appointed by many experts.In general, they are used when patients present pathologies such as the first stage of hypertension, various gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urological problems.

What diseases are treated acacia flowers?

acacia flowers have such unique properties that make it possible to use the plant for the treatment of diseases such as:

  • Hysteromyoma.For its treatment of preparing a decoction of the flowers of bushes, which is taken three times a day before meals.
  • stomach problems.The broth must insist in a thermos, and taken three times a day for a third cup.
  • stroke and hypertension tablespoon broth drunk before each meal.

is useful if the tincture on alcohol locust?

large number of people who are well versed in herbal medicine, happy to use in the treatment of certain diseases drugs made from plants such as acacia.The healing properties of it is not lost and alcohol tinctures.These means are for oral use and for external use.The most optimal recipe is considered one in which 100 grams of dried flowers infused two weeks in 300 milliliters of vodka.This tool is suitable for the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. sciatica.It is used as a rubbing tincture.To the therapeutic effect was better, it is recommended to take further into 20 drops before meals for a month.
  2. mobility of joints affected by paralysis caused by a stroke, and returned thanks to this liqueur, which is rubbed into the case from the bottom up.
  3. In multiple sclerosis agent is applied to the area of ​​the spine.Also it gives good effect processing areas damaged thrombophlebitis.

acacia flowers are also well suited for the preparation of a tool that can cure infertility.In this pathology using fresh, not dried flowers, which are filled with 10 grams of vodka and infuse for ten days.Take 20 drops just before eating.

Medicinal properties jam locust

For therapeutic purposes, is almost always used black locust.Recipes funds that are made from it can be found in various sources.But not only herbal teas and infusions can help relieve the patient from all sorts of ailments.Fresh flowers of this plant can be cooked for a great taste of jam, which is also a real physician, as it saves all the healing properties inherent in this plant.

recipe of its preparation is simple enough.Per kilogram of sugar and a liter of water you need to take 120 grams of acacia flowers.For a taste of it is not forbidden to use as an additive, and lemon juice.Lowered onto the prepared syrup, and the acid is added before the end of cooking.

rules for the procurement of medicinal raw materials

most often used in folk medicine, acacia flowers.Their application will bring undeniable benefits to patients only when properly conducted the workpiece.Flowering plant is nearly all summer, so the period for collection long enough.

However, it is worth remembering that when it rains, this procedure is not performed.It is not necessary to collect medicinal raw materials and the wet dew.Wet flowers is quite difficult to dry properly.

acacia flowers for a proper storage requires certain rules drying:

  • most effective medicines are made from collected in dry weather, half-open inflorescence.
  • room where they will be dried, must be well ventilated and the Shadowed One.
  • temperature for a more optimal process should not exceed 40 degrees.

Caution patients

traditional healers is recommended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases to use preparations made from plants such as acacia.Medicinal properties of it are used in the treatment of various diseases, but treat yourself with it not worth it.

The danger in this case may be the toxic ingredients present in it.The greatest harm to the body at the wrong use of drugs prepared on the basis of an acacia, is able to bring an alkaloid robinin.This is expressed in the strongest poisoning, which occur as a result of violations of the dosage.

Still, in cases where the therapeutic methods used black locust, patient treatment occurs without the possible pathologies.Just be sure to get expert advice and to observe all safety precautions when using it.