What is a trader and how promising this activity

Nowadays standing, a really good position to find is not so simple.Not only do employers want to see a place like this to a person with great experience and impose rather stringent requirements, working conditions themselves often leave much to be desired.For this reason, more and more people are now interested in what is a trader and how secure is this kind of activity.

powerful advertising on the Web and in real life, says the great possibilities related to speculation in the stock and foreign exchange markets, but if indeed it was so easy to walk the streets alone millionaires.What to believe?Let's try to understand this delicate matter.


First look at what is a trader, what is its activity.This word comes from the English verb to trade, which translates as "trade", "trading" or "for personal purposes."The term originated in the London Stock Exchange, where traders call a person who is at your own risk involved in trading.In simple words, it is a special kind of speculator who mak

es a living due to fluctuations in the value of securities and foreign exchange quotations.

How to become a trader

difficult to master this profession?This question is no single answer.On the one hand, indeed, to trade stocks or currency does not have to have a degree in economics or spending a few years, building on a mountain of textbooks.Moreover, you can even buy or find on the Internet a program advisor, who will conduct trade around the clock itself, and the user only need from time to time to control it and keep your computer on all the time.But real experts who know what a trader is not hearsay, say that no software can replace the human mind, and events in the world change sometimes so suddenly that, relying on the adviser, you can very quickly lose all contributed to the account of capital.

If we approach the issue from the technical side, it is for trade only need three things: a trading platform (the majority now using Metatrader 4 th or 5 th version), making a minimum deposit (from $ 10 and above)selected by the broker and the presence of high quality access to the Inernet.Pretty simple, is not it?In order to start trading - yes, but in order to successfully and for a long time to work in this field - not.

What is a trader?This is a man with all his fears, weaknesses, emotions, feelings.When profits in the account emerges in at least ten dollars, really want to fix the positive and enjoy their sagacity.But as a result of a failed transaction losses begin to grow, to part with hard earned funds is very, very hard.Many people, especially beginners, just hoping for a miracle, considering that the movement of an asset will soon change its direction in the right direction.But if it does not, only the losses are increasing.Soon they "eat" the entire deposit.So here is primarily not need the knowledge and self-control and cold calculation.

Should we engage in trading?

recommend to try his hand at the beginning of the competitions.This will help to understand how this activity is close to you.Many of them are free, and some brokers, such MMCIS, prizes can be removed without any restrictions.If you have any decent results, it is possible that you will come out successful trade trader, and if not - well, at least you'll know more on this matter is not necessary to go in cycles.In fact, trade on the stock exchange - it is a complex and painstaking work, and for all its benefits should not forget that there are often large losses.However, it all depends on your trading style, and it is, as they say, is another story.