Dream Interpretation: what dreams flea

Many of us regularly to ask questions about the meaning of an object or an image seen in a dream.Today, you can find more than one interpreter of dreams, free reveal the secrets of dreams.In this article, we decided to find out what to expect when we dream is unpleasant creature like a flea, which asked for information to several most famous and popular sources.

What dreams flea : Dream Book Gustav Miller

drafters of the dream book say: seen in a dream flea mean that soon one of the closest people begin to build against your wiles, thus causing your anger and irritation.If a woman dreams that her bite fleas, in real life she is likely to face a slander on the part of close friends or girlfriends.If the lady saw these nasty insects on her lover, then it is possible that it does not differ constancy in love relationships.

What dreams flea : Dream Book Aesop

This dream interpretation associated with the flea dirt, street and unsettled.If you dream you see how the insects bite the dog, it is possible that someone from your surroundings will smile a great success, which you will be jealous.In the event that you are trying to get rid of parasites of your pet, then the reality will have to intervene in the affairs of others.Also, such a dream can predict disappointment after the completion of some not very pleasant experience.Why dream of parasites on your body?This dream is a harbinger of inheritance, your share of which will qualify for other relatives, which ultimately could lead to litigation, disorder, disorder in the family and experiences.Another meaning of this dream is the possibility that you contact someone for material support.

What dreams flea : Dream book from A to Z

Seen in a dream fleas should alert because you threaten a disease that can have very serious consequences.The disease is able to have and venereal in nature, so pay attention to their sexual partners.It can also be a nervous breakdown due to the fault of the person from your environment, so ask a question about how you remove it from your life.If you dream of as insects bite you, beware of slander by close friends.Signs of fleas on your spouse or lover?I think that it is wrong to you.To press the fleas in a dream - to some trouble to seek - to groundless anxiety and feelings.

What dreams flea: Small sonnik

According to this source, seen in a dream fleas are a very good sign that soon you unexpectedly receive a significant amount of money.If you dream you are busy catching fleas, in the near future is waiting for reconciliation with an old enemy or rival, which eventually will become one of the best friends.When the dream that fleas catches someone else, then in the near future you will find a calm and peaceful life, will not be disturbed anxiety and excitement.Take this opportunity to rest from the rapid rhythm of life, stress and emotions.