15 ways to go gaga

Today everyone is talking about how to improve.And very little attention is paid to the fact that leads to degradation.Meanwhile, scientists have found out, from what we glupeem fastest.That is from what:

Viewing reality show

Austrian scientists conducted a study where participants were asked to look at the reality show, and immediately pass the knowledge test.Participants who watched the reality show, coped with the test worse than those who did not watch (just before the execution of the job).


constant use of sugar for more than 6 weeks, the brain slows down, makes it difficult to memorize and training.(University of California at Los Angeles)

simultaneous execution of multiple actions

People who use multiple electronic means at the same time, it is hard to concentrate, to control their memory and switch from one case to another.(Stanford University)

Chewing gum

Chewing gum impairs short-term memory, and it influences the sequence storing and distinguishing features.(Car

diff University)


Kent University studied more than 100 people suffering from obesity before it was made ka bariatric surgery (surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach; approx. Mixstuff.ru).Before the operation of their memorization skills were below average.However, after 12 weeks of the test results of their operation improved and steel within the normal adult men.


Scientists of the University of Berkeley sleep hamsters changed every three days for a month.In the end, it turned out that hamsters was produced 50 percent fewer neurons than in normal sleep.

Fluoride Researchers found that children living in areas with a high fluorine content, IQ level is significantly lower than that of those who live in areas with low content of the substance.Fluorine contained in many drinking water sources.(Medical journal Environmental Health Perspective)


In today's business world is commonplace exchange of ideas at meetings to be effective.However, scientists College of Virginia discovered that the group meetings reduce the manifestation of mental abilities, especially in women.Whether this discussion several judges sentence or a cocktail party - all this group environment, which significantly affects the ability to solve problems.

Corporal punishment in childhood

In a large study, it was found that the cause of more than 5 percent of all mental disorders are shlёpane or other forms of corporal punishment in childhood.Such penalties result in a lower level of mental retardation and mental disorders.(University of Manitoba)

Presentations PowerPoint

According to US Army commanders, PowerPoint presentations make people stupider.• Microsoft is not conducive to discussion, critical thinking and deliberate decision.

Passive smoking

addition to numerous other harmful effects of passive smoking, it lowers IQ and school performance of children who are constantly susceptible to it (University of Michigan)


stressful situation reduces connections between neurons in the brainand it causes confusion in the evaluation of the sequence of events.Accumulated stress causes a reduction of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and reduces the ability to store and recall information.(Yale Stress Center)

Sleeping pills and atidepressanty

permanent appointment medicines Ambien (sleeping pills) and Xanax (anti-depressant) is extremely harmful.These drugs can cause memory loss (even amnesia), dementia and suicidal thoughts.And those taking both drugs - slow down the central nervous system.(American Association of Retired Persons)

Iodine deficiency

Our body needs is not very large amounts of iodine.However, it is extremely important that it is present even before birth.In utero iodine deficiency can lead to serious physical and mental disorders.In adults, a lack of iodine can lead to a reduction in IQ by 13 units.(Edition Steady Health)

Marijuana Smoking marijuana in adolescence is common neuropsychological disorder.Even after a long break at the teenagers using marijuana, neuropsychological functions are restored completely.(Duke University)

Articles Source: mixstuff.ru