History of Diplomacy - International Relations Chronicle

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International relations since ancient times played a crucial role in the lives of the state, public entities and individuals.The history of diplomacy began in a time when the planet formed the first human society.Because even the neighboring tribes had to agree among themselves.Diplomacy as the dominant ideas and the main quintessence of international relations was formed almost simultaneously with the emergence of ancient states.

Diplomacy of Ancient Egypt gave humanity the priceless and most famous monument of international relations, which for centuries has remained a model of foreign policy.These are considered to be a contract of Ramses II and the Hittite king Hattushilem third, dated 1278th BC.This agreement was a model of international law for many ancient Eastern kingdoms, as well as of the ancient world.

indelible trace in the development of international relations has left the history of Russian diplomacy.By reason of historic greatness of Power and its special position in the structure of international relations and geopolitics, Russian diplomacy has had a major impact on the entire course of world history.In this respect it crucial role is simply impossible to overestimate.

author of the first Russian diplomatic strategy can be a good reason to name Alexander Nevsky, during the invasion of Mongol hordes did not provide them became armed resistance.Since he was well aware that it is doomed to failure because of the excessive inequality of forces and the fragmentation of Kievan Rus principalities.

Alexander Nevsky with the wisdom of a visionary policy rather diplomatic way.He was able to enlist the support of the Horde Khan, which gave him the opportunity to not only maintain its princely power, but also to begin unification of Russian lands.It was the first of many future triumphs Russian who knew the history of diplomacy.

True following brilliant victories had to wait long enough.Only the rise to power of Peter the Great, marked a new era in the development of the Russian state.It was then that the history of diplomacy in Russia in the early counting of another era.This ruler has turned the country into a strong, economically developed Empire, which was considered the whole of Europe.Then we opened in the leading countries of the world, Russian diplomatic missions.

Next, a new level of Russian history of diplomacy came during the reign of Alexander the Great.Russia as the winner of Napoleon acquired the status of an influential European powers, and our Emperor took the position of the center and a key figure in the negotiations concerning the post-war arrangement of Europe.

During the reign of Alexander II the post of foreign minister belonged Highness Prince Alexander Gorchakov.With his name is associated with the largest and most important achievements of Russian diplomacy.He managed by a variety of changes to subordinate foreign policy interests of its internal development.This achievement is extremely difficult to overestimate.Because of this great diplomat Russian empire regained its positions that were lost at the end of the Crimean War.He was able to bring back the old prestige and influence of the State.

Largely thanks to the titanic work and skill of diplomats managed to survive and to be recognized by the Bolshevik Russia.The same applies to the events of the Second World War.In particular, the most difficult and stressful time for the country, when the fate of the Soviet state itself hung in the balance (1941-42.), To the efforts of Russian diplomacy managed to avoid the treacherous attack us in the back of Japan, a former ally of Nazi Germany and urged it to nudgedWar against the Soviet Union.

current Russian foreign policy is open, de-ideologized, pragmatic, flexible, multi-vector and balanced.The essence of this approach is an effort to build equal partner relations with both the West and the East.Russia does not seek to impose its will on other countries for example the United States, but rather trying to achieve peaceful and respectful diplomatic relations with all countries.