History of Egypt: Reality and Fiction

History of Egypt conditionally divided into several periods: ancient, Alexandria, Roman and modern.Why so?This division is convenient because periodization time periods centered around the world's most important events, which became the center of Egypt.The ancient world and its history is peculiar.And look for the modern man like a fairy tale full of mystery and the unknown.Indeed, scientists still can not afford to solve all the puzzles that are fraught with ruthless desert sands of Africa, preserved only in the engraving on the stone, rare papyrus writings, but the pyramids giants towering above the sands, timeless and corruption.History Pyramids of Egypt still remains an unsolved mystery, full of scary legends and mysticism: because as the ancients could build something that is still under the power of the people is only using the most modern technology?

Origin Egyptians

Many myths and pseudo-scientific information available in both scientists and the fans of this mysterious little world, adventurers, wealth and fame.Many facts indicate, for example, that the history of Egypt dates back to the time at the Atlantis (the ancient dead supercivilization, with sunken continent into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean).Confirmation is considered a high technology "podkovannost" the Egyptians, their finely elaborate spiritual and religious culture, as well as countries, reminiscent of the structure of modern mechanisms, architecture.Of course, with respect to anachronisms more blurred and it becomes for us to look more like a farce than the truth, but do like to think that hundreds of thousands of slaves, day and night dragged huge (several tons of weight) stones from the quarries, for tens of kilometers, and then foldedthese same stones with delicate precision?I believe in it poorly.Perhaps the truth will not know nobody, and everyone is free to believe in what he liked, especially since no official version, or pseudo-scientific, can not reveal all the secrets, which carries a history of Egypt.

The fact that it is known to us, we can only say that the Egyptians, despite the imaginary primitive, were very strong and warlike people (even before Alexander the Great and the expansion of Rome, conquering many of the neighboring lands, passing through themfire and sword).A great civilization is under the control of the demigods, the Pharaohs, worshiped by the people, has grown and developed for thousands of years, basking under the hot sun African desert and, in spite of the poverty of the soil, completely unusable areas for survival and normal life, was able to build entire cities, architecture that fascinates us, andtoday.And then, quietly and softly faded, leaving no less blank spots in history than in the period of its existence.


In general, the history of Egypt is a whole kaleidoscope of events, and it is impossible not to notice that it was in their culture is something inaccessible to modern humans.It does not matter whether the alien technology, developed to almost unreachable level of mechanical or magic, but the fact remains.The truth, as we know, often hidden in the details.And her apprehension may take thousands of years, and may be slightly open to us the mystery of tomorrow ...