Rudolf Diesel - the inventor of the internal combustion engine

than one generation of scientists pounding on improving the efficiency of vehicle engines.But the idea to submit and justify it theoretically - does not mean to invent something new.It is those people who were able to confirm that almost, than fought over hundreds, and can proudly wear the title of "inventor".It was such a practitioner and Rudolf Diesel, who brought to the world of the internal combustion engine, ignited by the compression of air.


great inventor Rudolf Diesel was born in 1858 in Paris.His father worked as a bookbinder, on the life of the family had enough money.Yet the move to England was inevitable because of the Franco-Prussian War brought about changes.A family of diesel, as we know, belonged to ethnic Germans, and avoid chauvinist reaction was forced to decide on the move.

Soon 12-year-old Rudolf was sent to his native Germany to study with my mother's brother, Professor Barnikelyu.The family took it very warm and a lot of books, learning in real school, and then in Augsburg Polytechnic school, talk with a clever uncle went to the benefit of the future inventor of world renown.Since 1875 outstanding student Rudolf Diesel continued his studies at the Munich Technical High School, where he was kindled the idea to invent the internal combustion engine.In a conversation with Professor Bauerfeyndom, he said to his disciples about the greatest interest in the modern world to such a technical field like engineering.Only then did he learn that the boy has long been dreaming of and working on the replacement of the steam engine - internal combustion engine.After studying at the Munich School Professor Carl Linde Diesel invited to work on the refrigeration plant, where a young man he served as director for 12 years.Although the main occupation, Rudolf Diesel did not leave the work on the main purpose of life - the invention, which later would be called by his name.Only here we modern people aware of the diesel engine, have forgotten the name of its inventor.

first diesel internal combustion engine

many years of hard work put Rudolf Diesel for their dreams.With Carl Linde, theoretical calculations Society saw engineering plants Augsburg who are interested in his work and provided a room for experiments.Long two years perfected his invention Rudolph, and during one of the experiments, an explosion occurred, he learned a little hurt.

Soon justice is done, and the hard work was rewarded - the first diesel internal combustion engine turned the world of engineering.Diesel decided to try to produce inflammation by means of compressed air, and then to inject the fuel, causing flames flared.Despite the recognition of the work of scientists around the world, an invitation to Russia and America, native Germany remained adamant before his invention, saying that such an engine has long existed.Perhaps other German invention existed in the design, but the world does not stand still, develops, and the winner of the one who came to the finish line first.With such a reaction in Germany, Rudolf Diesel could not accept, and September 29, 1913, he, having gone to the boat to London, did not arrive at their destination.At night in the mess it was only a scientist, but in the morning it was empty, and the night the suit was not touched.Was it suicide due to non-recognition of Germany or a tragic accident is unknown.After some time, fishermen caught the corpse of a well-dressed man, but raging thunderstorm forced them to throw the body back into the sea.Superstitious fishermen believed that the human soul is asking to stay in the water element.Cold water and sandy bottom became the last home of genius inventor whose memory still lives in his diesel engine.