Sublimation - a way of socialization of the individual

meaning of the word "sublimation" - this displacement of instinctual goals in socially acceptable activities.The more people there are cultural become, the less he could sincerely and in full force to realize their instinctive desires.Anna Freud believed that sublimation - a psychological defense, which is not a neurosis, personality, and reflects its normal development.

term "sublimation" originally appeared in the theory of psychoanalysis, but gradually began to be used in the everyday life of different people.This word means, and enhanced human performance and its commitment to high results in sport and enthusiastic class research.Sublimation carries sexual connotations: it is believed that a person achieves these results by giving up sex life.In fact - this is not true, because the sublimation - is the protection from sexual desire, which aims to be implemented in spite of cultural taboos, ie,using sublimation man limits at only part of the excess energy that successfully sends a socially acceptable activity.

Using sublimation parenting

Sublimation - a way to use for social purposes not only of sexual excess, and aggressive energy.Aggressive and sexual attraction have the same stages in their development, to their limited use similar protective mechanisms.For example, children with increased aggressiveness is recommended to sublimate, not sitting on a chair and doing active work in the form of labor, sports, active games.Children in their teens are experiencing increased libido, desire for the opposite sex.Sigmund Freud, one of the main tasks of education seen in taming, control and subordination of sexual desire, ashis breakthrough is the end of the influence of education.The energy of attraction, it recommended to direct labor, which is a necessity to save the society.In every age of sexual energy transfer occurs through age-appropriate child activities.Young children are given the opportunity to paint, sculpt, design, and senior - to show their success in the form of academic achievement, sports, work.So evident sublimation.This should happen by self-selection of a child and not be imposed by the adult.

sublimation as the supreme defense mechanism

psychological defense is not understood by man, but they can be determined by analyzing his actions.Most often, it makes an observer.Sublimation - a protection that not only can be realized on their own, but also designed a man who chooses a particular activity as a way of avoiding strong anger, the desire to destroy the object of value, as well as non-proscribed sexual contact.We can assume that the sublimation - is the ability to control himself, his instincts and desire, select the acceptable and socially approvable way to meet the need.By controlling their impulses, a person suppresses his manic or incestuous desires, implementing them in the creation of paintings, works.When poor performance sublimation man realizes his aggressive and sexual fantasies in the dream frightened her instincts unconsciously using additional types of psychological defense: repression, isolation, denial, intellectualization and others.

Almost all our culture, works of art, scientific achievements were due to sublimation, aspeople learned not only to keep their animal instincts, but also to direct unspent energy for the development of society.