The figures are warning of an impending

man himself (often intuitive) selects one or another "fateful carrier information."For example, someone listens to snatches of conversation in the subway - and thereby some hints concerning its own affairs and interests.If you get accustomed to the different number, it is through them the fate begins to send you signs: at turning points in life you begin to see the cars more often than usual, or tickets to the "structure" numbers.

How to read this cryptography?First of all, you can use the accepted values ​​of numbers in numerology.

Since unit in numerology represents the personality, the number 111 - a signal that it is time for you to a new beginning, right now you can show itself in full force.

Deuce - the symbol of the emotional sphere.No. 222 indicates that the focus should be your feelings.If you are upset, inflated - calm down, if he does not differ too much nervousness, this tip can mean that you are occupying at the moment the question you should show more emotion, it is better not to rely on logic and intuition.

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Troika - the number of active, pressure.No. 333 calls for the right fight, indicates that the time for you to take a more proactive stance.

Four related information.Brushed past a car with the number 444 indicates that in the near future, you should be careful so as not to miss out on something important.In addition, three four - fairly stable number, saying the occurrence period of stability in relations, communications, agreements.If you are stagnated in place, it may indicate the end of a period of rest.

Five - the leaders, Room 555 hints that your future fate now depends on you, on your actions.In addition, three fives urged to be especially careful in all that concerns the enforcement of laws and regulations (up to the rules of the road!).Anyone who is a legal battle, the emergence of three fives promises quick win.

Six associated with the planet Venus, the love, and the car with the number 666 indicates the lover that his feelings are mutual.In addition, three sixes may mean that soon you will be hard work, and it's time to pay attention to health.

- the magic number, hence the number 777 signals: you will find a happy occasion - try not to miss the chance!In addition, three sevens indicate that at the moment of your magical powers are particularly strong.This room also calls man to persevere in achieving their goals.

most striking of the buildings of numbers - 888, as eight - a symbol of change, transformation.Three eights warn about the imminent coup in the fate urged not to stand still, move new unbeaten tracks.

number nine associated with the subconscious, and therefore the number of 999 indicates that the answers to the most important questions you can get in a dream or in meditation.At the same time, they can be a warning that you are too entangled in unrealizable dreams and is unable to determine the main goal.This number also marks the completion of a stage in our lives.One who often takes tranquilizers, enjoys alcohol or other intoxicating substances, three nines may indicate a risk of being a victim of addiction.If you plan to travel soon to the sea, this number can be read as a warning about the dangers of water.

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