How to gain weight thin one guy, exercise program.

How to gain weight thin one guy?Often, such a question asked by many, there are some who have complexes about their appearance.How to carry out this desire?Read about important nuances massonabora later in this article.

importance of nutrition

How to gain weight thin one?It happens that the guys doing the clock in the hall, depleting your body in pursuit of a huge body.Nevertheless, they belong to the power supply is very dismissive, or eating the wrong foods or insufficient quantity.Remember that your muscle growth depends on the quality and quantity of food intake.The same applies to the standard set of weights, entail an increase in muscle mass.In this article we take a closer look it is the first case, that is an increase in your muscles.

Muscle growth is a fairly resource-intensive process, which is needed for energy (carbohydrates) and building materials (proteins).Not hard to guess that for the accelerated growth requires an excess of calories.The priority getting the most calories will be natural food instead of sports food, which we will explain later.How to build muscle thin one guy?Ectomorphs - a unique type of people who have a very fast metabolism (metabolism).To build new muscle fibers need extra calories, the amount of which can be calculated by the following formula: your weight x 30 + 500. For example, you weigh 70 kg.Then you must use 70 x 30 = 2500 + 500 calories that will spur muscle growth process.

proportions of nutrients

proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet - this is quite an important point in the diet.The amount of fat depends on the ratio of these nutrients.How to gain weight thin one guy?Observe the following relationship, which will help you to achieve the goal:

  • protein - 25-30%.
  • carbohydrates - 50-60%.
  • Fat - 10-15%.

now tell you about them in detail.Proteins are animals (meat, fish, eggs) and vegetable (proteins from cereals, nuts, etc.).It is worth mentioning that the first is much healthier due to better set of amino acid.Carbohydrates are slow (all kinds of cereals, pasta) and fast (sweets).First, in turn, absorbed by the body for a long time, maintaining its energy over a long time (3-5 hours).Fast carbohydrates immediately raise the blood sugar level, and so most of the deposited in body fat.This fact justifies the reception of carbohydrates after a workout in the morning, when the body is in the energy deficit.The rest of the time you need to focus on the complex (slow) "coal".

Finally, there are saturated fats (lard, margarine, butter) and unsaturated (vegetable oil, egg yolks).The first - a "bad" fats do not contain much good body.Unsaturated - is "good" fats that are required to be in the daily ration of each.They have a positive effect on the heart, normalize the metabolism and allow you to keep all of the body's normal processes.That is the ratio BZHU must combine the set weight for thin.Go to the next step.

Accent nutritional

When it is better to use?In the morning you can eat simple carbohydrates (fruits, sweets, drink juice) that will fill the night cost of your body.During sleep, we lose quite a large amount of energy it takes to ensure that all the processes occurring in our body.One should not forget about proteins that are essential building blocks for muscle.During the day Emphasize complex carbohydrates and protein.Very important are the meals before and after the workout, when you need to do to obtain a carbohydrate loading and replenishment of energy, respectively.By evening, the amount of carbohydrates you need to gradually reduce to a minimum.

Proteins, on the contrary, throughout the day should be used in equal portions.Before going to bed, it is desirable to eat a low-fat cottage cheese or casein cocktail drink.This protein is slowly released into your body, preventing the catabolic processes.How to gain weight thin one guy?Stick to the above principles, that certainly will help in the implementation of anabolic purposes.Next, we consider a number of possible diets.

diet №1

first ectomorph is ideal for mixed type, which has obvious signs endomorphs (propensity for muscle gain).

  1. Breakfast .2 whole eggs + a piece of wholemeal bread + 100g oatmeal + a glass of juice / coffee cup.
  2. Lunch .150-200 grams of rice / buckwheat / pasta / baked potatoes +200 g chicken breast + vegetables.
  3. Snack .Nuts / fruit / sandwich with cheese and ham.
  4. Dinner .Fish / lean meat + vegetables.
  5. Bedtime .Casein shake / 250 g fat-free yogurt.

At the time, this diet has formed a bodybuilder "golden era" of Franco Colombo.These people, of course, know what they say.How to gain muscle mass thin one?Good Train, sleep 7-8 hours, and then follow this diet, provided specifically for beginners in bodybuilding.

diet №2

next diet a little richer, and therefore ideal for a "clean" ectomorphs that weight gain is given very hard.Set muscle for skinny guys is always a daunting task, but with systematic training, nutrition and minimize the bad habits they necessarily be able to achieve great results.

  1. Breakfast .150 grams of oatmeal with raisins / omelette 5 egg whites and 1 yolk + a glass of juice / coffee cup.
  2. lunch. protein shake.
  3. Lunch .150 grams of rice / buckwheat / paste + steak / chicken + vegetables.
  4. second dinner. soup with pasta, chicken and vegetables + a glass of juice.
  5. Dinner .Lean meat / fish / egg whites + vegetables.
  6. before bedtime. Casein shake / 250 g of cottage cheese.

diet Dwayne Johnson

next diet taken from Dwayne Johnson - Hollywood star known for her roles in Hobbs 5 and 6 of "Fast and the Furious," Hercules in the movie "Hercules" and other films.What can I say?Excellent actor.But we, of course, more important than his physique, which is quite impressive.If you are wondering how to gain weight thin one guy, then a diet that person will escalate any weight.We proceed to the analysis.

  1. 2 whole eggs + 300 g cod +100 g oatmeal.
  2. 350 g potatoes + vegetables + 200 g cod.
  3. 200 grams of rice to + 250 g chicken + vegetables.
  4. 200 g cod +200 g rice 1 tablespoon +fish oil.
  5. 300g baked potatoes meat +250 g + shpinatovy salad.
  6. 200 g rice 250 g + + cod salad.
  7. Omelette 10 + casein protein shake.

What do we have?In sum of outputs 360 grams of protein (for Duane - is 3 g per 1 kg body weight) and 500 g of carbohydrates, that is 4 g per 1 kg of body weight.Pretty impressive numbers.How quickly gain weight thin one?Try this diet with a small correction of the weight of products, starting from their weight, and you are sure to have increased in size, believe me!

diet Chris Hemsworth

another Hollywood actor, known to us by the Novels of the movie "Thor" where he played a major role.What is he had a diet?

  1. 8-10 + oatmeal egg whites 1% milk + yogurt + whey protein.
  2. 100g quinoa cereal + fruit + yogurt + protein shake.
  3. vegetables + 300g chicken breast.
  4. 300g chicken breast with cheese.
  5. protein shake.
  6. 300g steak + vegetables.
  7. Casein shake.

In addition, throughout the day, he also used multivitamins, creatine and L-carnitine.This is a rather strong effect diet with a loading dose of protein in it, and so it is ideal for gaining lean muscle.It is worth noting that much better to observe it in the mesomorphic body type.How to gain mass rapidly thin one?Try this diet.

diet Lazar Angelov

This Bulgarian is now considered one of the standards of aesthetic bodybuilding.How is it powered?See exploded diet below.

  1. Oatmeal with nuts + 6-8 + egg white protein shake.
  2. Rice / buckwheat + chicken + vegetables.
  3. protein shake + almonds.
  4. tuna or other low-fat fish + vegetables.
  5. Rice / baked potatoes / pasta + steak / fish + vegetables.
  6. Lean meat / fish.
  7. Casein shake.

Additionally, Lazar Angelov added to the diet BCAA and L-Glutamin.

diet Pham Woodbridge

When the bodybuilder was younger, he was a very thin man.However, he was able to pump a gorgeous body having a minimum percentage of body fat.What kind of diet he is using now?This was on.

  1. Whey protein + glutamine.
  2. Oatmeal + 6 egg whites + 1 ch. L.peanut oil.
  3. Tuna +2 piece of wholemeal bread + avocado / banana / raspberry / blueberry.
  4. Whey protein + glutamine.
  5. Salmon + brown rice / pasta + fruit.
  6. chicken breast / Steak + brown rice.
  7. Casein shake.

This concludes critiques rations.How to build muscle thin one guy?Try at least 90% to comply with one of the above examples, exercise regularly, and it certainly will give you amazing results.

Workouts for skinny on weight

Body ectomorphs enough not tolerate power loads, which is why sometimes have to reduce their intensity.For example, you can reduce the number of training days per week in order to give the body more time to restore or make fewer workers approaches for a particular exercise.Of course, this approach is suitable only for beginners who are just accumulated heavy workouts in the gym.How to gain muscle mass thin one?Do more basic exercises, which usually include: squats, bench presses, pull, hand lifts the biceps, pull-ups and push-ups (from the floor and parallel bars).As to the frequency of training, then 3 meals a day trip to the gym is the best choice for everyone.With pump in a given day?Your program should be approximately the following:

  1. Day 1. Legs & Press.
  2. Day 2. Back + biceps.
  3. Day 3. a chest + shoulders + triceps.

between training days take one day of rest.Proper nutrition and adherence - is key to your success!


Often the importance of sports nutrition is extremely exaggerated.It is not anabolic steroids, and therefore rapid growth of muscle mass and strength indicators can not be expected.Above all, this conventional foods that are to some extent able to supplement your natural food.What belongs to the group of additives?We list them all:

  1. Protein .High-protein mixture is the most popular in bodybuilding due priority to the protein in this sport.There are several types: whey (fast protein which is suitable for the reception in the morning and immediately after exercise), casein (a slow, which is suitable for use at night), egg (mean time action) and soy (as average).The priority for athletes should be the first 3 species.
  2. Gainer .Carbohydrate-protein mixture for speed dialing mass.The product includes fast carbohydrates and proteins, and so this is perfect for a cocktail ectomorphs after exercise and morning.How to gain weight thin one teenager?Gainer can help you to set the desired weight and gain fitness.
  3. Amino .An important component that prevents the catabolic processes in your body.You can take during and after weight training.
  4. Creatine .It increases strength and endurance performance.
  5. Proteins .

In conclusion

set weight for skinny guys, especially hardgainer sometimes given very hard.However, nothing is impossible.Proper balanced diet, adherence and hard training will change even the thin man.I wish you success in achieving the goals!