"1C: Payroll" for institutions in the public sector.

software 1c wages and 8 shots - specifically designed for the various budget organizations a program that spends their complex automation of payroll and implement personnel policies.This program is widely used in many parts of the organization, such as accounting, personnel service.The main objective of the program is to help in the organization of the staff in the most efficient level.

This program is a multifunctional solution that combines:

- a record of all claims submitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- the most modern methods of personnel motivation and subsequent management;

- extensive experience in the real-world enterprises.

main function solutions.

Solution wages 1c 8 - is a specially designed program that is responsible for a number of tasks, the main of which are:

- keeping wage 1c;

- deduction of contributions and taxes from payroll, the amount of which is set by law;

- development of the financial motivation of employees of the organization;

- automation of calculation of wages;

- attracting new staff into the organization;

- recording and analysis of the staff of the enterprise;

- an automated mode in the personnel office area;

- audits competence employees of the organization, the direction of their training, as well as conducting appraisal.

This program gives you the ability to produce records within a single information field for several companies, including IP and separate legal entities.The program is designed so that the organization can maintain two parallel accounting:

- regulated;

- management.

regulated accounting - a consideration that each organization is independently and management - is the account, which is maintained throughout the enterprise, as a single whole.

Influence 1C Payroll workers organization.

This decision by the company "1C" is designed in such a way that it benefits each individual within the organization:

- employees of the organization receive a guarantee that at any time be able to obtain all the necessary information regarding their salaries, leave, contributions to the PensionFund, etc .;

- service personnel organization receives a program that helps to automate complex tasks that take a lot of time.These tasks include: conducting the survey, report writing etc .;

- governing structure of the organization is able to exercise full control over everything that happens in the company, as well as to inspect personnel, create the direction of future work of the company, to deal with the control system, getting all the necessary reliable information.

decision "1C Salary and Personnel" is based on one of the most modern platform "1C Enterprise 8".It is characterized by scalability, flexibility, the ability to change settings, high performance, and ergonomics for different application solutions.

There are two basic versions of the program that are offered to users:

- basic version - is an analogue version of the profiles that are created for a single user;

- PROF version.

is important to note that the program 2c Payroll has the ability to operate in conjunction with the decision 1C 8, which enables more efficient conduct accounting organization.