1C software solutions for nonprofit organizations

1C: Accounting for NGOs - is a program for the automation of accounting and tax accounting in non-profit organizations: Scientific and Production Association, as well as autonomous non-profit organizations, taking into account the specificity of activity and forms of management.

This program is designed in strict accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the existing enterprise cost accounting.

Accounting NGO has the functionality, including automated registration to NGOs, creating a list of sources of financing for non-profit organization and classification of accounting for NPOs on financial sources.Also with the help of the program can process automation product economic accounts maintained by mechanisms of funding sources.Each entry having the personal source of the funds may be administered either automatically or manually.Automatic mode operates on the basis of the documents that exist in the knowledge base.

«1C: Accounting NGO" includes the ability to control financial expenses, organize by type of sources of supply.

In addition, by using Accounting for non-profit organizations may automatic distribution of funds intended for the implementation of business operations, taking into account the different types of funding.

Accounting for non-profit organizations include calculation of the VAT control of fixed assets, consisting of accounting and determination of wear, planning different periods of activities of NGOs in the field of finance, as well as an assessment of planned and carried out transactions with cash.

Build and maintain accountability of nonprofit organizations is performed using detailed information about each of the sources of finance or general information about the finances, iesummed sources.This information is displayed in the standard report forms, such as trial balance and analytic statements, and so on.

With the program "VDGB accounting for non-profit organizations", the formation of balance and form №6 automatically.Also automatically made payments to foreign investors and funders.It is possible to create the report in the currency of country-specific grants.

total control over the activities of NGOs, as well as accounting and tax accounting is carried out through the integration of programs 1C: Accounting 8. The high efficiency of the company is possible thanks to the automation mechanisms for integration:

- trade and financial transactions;

- different materials;

- inventory;

- economic activities;

- production;

- intangible assets and funds of the company;

- payroll;

- taxation.If it is necessary there is the possibility of quick change of regime-tax, which does not require changing software.

With the help of the program 1C: Accounting NGO quick and effective solution to the problems specific to the activities of non-profit organizations, as well as accounting software for large companies engaged in both commercial and non-commercial activities.

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