How to lay laminate right?

In order to understand how to lay laminate flooring correctly, you need to know what is this material.It is specifically designed for the flooring requires no special care and is designed for continuous operation.The basis of the manufacture of the laminate takes fiberboards (wood fiber), having increased strength.The outer side of the panel is veneered with a layer of paper, which is applied to the surface pattern that imitates most of the wood texture.Atop this layer is applied a protective film of high strength, which serves to protect the laminated surface from moisture, abrasion, and sunlight.

Depending on the class chosen laminate material for different rooms.For example, bedrooms and public places, these species will vary.Bottom fiberboard also glued paper, which is impregnated with special compounds and resins that protect the foundation from moisture and perform the role of waterproofing.With the help of special locks, which bordered on the perimeter of the panel, they are going in the seams and joints.The length of the panels varies from 1 to 1.5 m, width 0.2 m, and a thickness of 6 to 11 mm.

Before you lay laminate flooring, be sure to check the condition of the subfloor.Besides plane and horizontal surface is necessary to ensure the reliability of the database.If, for example, serve as the basis for wooden floors, we can not allow them to creak, flex when walking or have a place of subsidence.In the case of the presence of any problems before you lay laminate flooring, they must be repaired.On the concrete floor of the stele only laminate after screed is either undeveloped or floor surface is level "filler" mixture.After preparing the subfloor before you lay laminate flooring, you must be sure to put a moisture barrier, the thickness of which depends on the floor of your home.

Following the acquisition of the laminate is recommended to leave it in the room for a few days.This is to ensure that the material collected the necessary temperature and humidity.

begin laying laminate need from windows to daylight joints were not visible.From the walls of the material separated by removable inserts or pads that provide a clearance of at least 10 mm.Subsequent laying laminate differs from the fact that the panels are like a spring lock (Lock), and with a collapsible locks (Click).Laminate latter type has the greatest strength of the connection and has the lowest percentage of damage to the panels during installation.

After laying the first row of laminate along the wall going to the second (without locking the insert parts).The combination of the end joints are not permitted uses "chess" spread butt.The most successful variant is considered when there is an integer number of panels, because if you have to saw at least one panel and start the next row with a half, trailing link the remnant.After collecting the second row should be lifted about 45 degrees, insert locking clip and then gently lower the panel until it clicks.Distribute the load evenly on the floor and allows the joints to strengthen the mechanical displacement of the panels.

Before you lay laminate using locks «Lock», should know that they are collected a little different.It should cover, lying on the floor, connected to the first soft pristukivaniem through a pad (usually in its role as the panel itself acts as scrap).The ends and angles become welded by a special Z-shaped bracket, and the joints staggered offset is preserved.Not recommended when the pull bar.This will change for the worse appearance, t. To. Will lead to a swelling edge panels.The main condition of success in laying laminate - is neat!