How to make a column with your hands?

Produce a good sound system is simple, it does not require scarce materials.Speakers and building materials are sold in specialty stores, and the rest depends on your imagination and hard work.The question is relevant now, when the market is a lot of equipment that does not meet the parameters of your amplifier.About the quality of the goods can not speak, a good sound system is expensive.The columns with their hands can do even in his own apartment, picked up their form for the design of your interior.All this activity will cost much cheaper than buying a new feature-rich audio.The benefits of home-made device in the fact that you will be able to calculate the maximum load for the amplifier and speakers to choose the appropriate power.

We begin, as usual, with the design.The columns with their hands first calculated on paper.We define the power to select a speaker.If you want to design and make audio speakers with their hands, then the machine is best to use special car speakers.If you like good sound and want the column to be used in an apartment or private home, no need to save on the amplifier.

ideal option, in my opinion, are tube amplifiers.They do an excellent job with their task and amplify the signal from the intermediate amplifier without distortion.Some companies continue their production, but they are quite expensive.We determine the power amplifier.We select the speakers so that their total power exceeds the power of the amplifier.It will save them from premature failure.For the amplifier can not worry, it has a built-in overload protection.Speakers are usually chosen on the following principle.High frequency speaker is set on, more broadband and low frequency, which is the closest to the floor.

Now a little about the material of the body.The columns with their hands to themselves require careful consideration in both the design and the assembly.The denser the material of the body, the better it will sound.You can take a piece of particle board and transfer it directly to the dimensions.Do not forget that in addition to well-designed speaker mounting holes for the speakers has a small hole in the central part of the body.This is done so that the speakers should not create a vacuum inside the housing.If this is not provided, the sound becomes distorted, as it will create obstacles to the free travel of the membrane dynamics.

Now you need to install the speakers and their close decorative material on the front of the column.His hands pasted decorative mosquito netting, or any other decorative material.The main thing that he missed a free sound and design match the interior of the column.Now paste the entire column leatherette and unsoldering in parallel already installed speakers.Rang ohmmeter input impedance speakers.If everything is OK, start the test by connecting it to the amplifier.

The same principle can be assembled speakers for your phone with your hands, of course, in this case there is no need to select a speaker of high power.