What is spirituality?

What is spirituality?It has the perfect and final determination, it can not be described as any object.Sociologists define spirituality as the search for the "holy", which is "sacred" is broadly defined as a distinct from the ordinary, everyday, it is worthy of veneration and respect.Define it in various ways: some faith in the forces that govern the universe, a sense of relationship with all living things, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, improving personal skills, peace of mind.What each person finds meaning, hope and inner peace to their lives.

What is spirituality, in different historical periods treated unequally.Most often it was associated with the religious life, but it is not determined by religion and should not necessarily be associated with it.In modern times the term "spirituality" is often associated with humanistic psychology, combined with mystical and esoteric traditions, Eastern religious and philosophical doctrines aimed at the development of personality in a unique integrated system characterized by compassion, selflessness, altruism, a rich inner world.

What is spirituality in human life?To fully enjoy life, all the expressions of our being must be balanced.The mind, the soul, the body must be in harmony with each other.The idea is that a person can not to focus exclusively on material things and spiritual neglect.Strolling among the beautiful scenery, listening to the genius of music, admiring the beautifully written picture book reading talented, he is charming, awe, delights, gets pleasure - all this affects his soul.So many wonderful ways in which human spirituality is manifested, but that can not be studied using scientific methods, because it includes very personal, subjective experiences.Its essence is to find your own "I", which helps to open up the true nature of consciousness.Unable to explain its essence, a man identifies himself with his thoughts, feelings, memory.

spiritual growth plays an important role, even though the views of different people on his understanding will vary depending on experience, beliefs and personal characteristics.But in general, it can be described as a result of the focus on the inner life, gaining confidence and a change of perception of the world, when a person comes to understand that service to the people - a priority.When he comes to understand his true nature, he is freed from many fears, discovers inner peace that does not depend on the circumstances in the outside world.It is less self-centered, less need of endorsement or acceptance does not focuses on the material, does not aspire to high social status.Indeed the development of spiritual life can offer many benefits both emotionally and physically.He becomes a happier, healthier, more loving, understanding.

What is spirituality in a religious context?It is the foundation of the world's major religions and some humanist ideologies.For example, in India, is taught through the spiritual experience of yoga.Most people see it as a certain physical postures, which are in fact only one of its components.Yoga is divided into four types or ways to experience the spirituality related to the four basic human instincts.Controlling the mind, self-awareness, the ability of abstraction from the senses and focus on the source of his own thoughts.Love and loyalty in relationships, understanding that love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.Perform action without any selfish motivations.The fourth way of understanding spirituality - through the mind, the understanding of how the laws of nature as they are - this is the mind of the universe.