As baptized.

Asking yourself the question of how to be baptized - think about it, whether you have formulated it.What do you know?To learn how to make the sign of the cross, or how to be baptized?Try to briefly clarify both aspects.

Please explain how to be baptized, that is, to place the sign of the cross.Sign of the Cross in all Christian denominations is an appeal to God for deliverance from sins and bestow the grace of God.Orthodox Christians believe that the sign of the cross is fertile mighty force.And to the question "how to be baptized" every one of them will say, "That's right, and reverently."In the modern Orthodoxy to properly sign of the cross, it is necessary to smoothly connect the index, middle finger and thumb and pinky and ring pressed against the palm.Then slowly make his fingers to his forehead, lower to the stomach (but not to the chest), then to the right shoulder, and finally to the left.This mentally say: "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen."

We now consider how to be baptized and become a Christian.

Let's start with the fact that the Orthodox baptize children adopted soon after birth.If you have not been baptized in infancy, can be baptized into adulthood: Refer to the priest or the rector of the chosen church.They will tell you in detail about what and how to do in order to properly prepare for the adoption of one of the sacraments.The period of preparation for baptism is in some short, others - are longer.At this time, you will find the answer not only the question of how to be baptized, you learn the rules of the Church of the Christian life, learn how to behave and to pray in the temple.

Talking about the sign of the cross, we can not say that this character came from the ancient ages.Since ancient times, it was considered by many peoples powerful talisman.Archaeologists find him on the set of ancient religious objects, on buildings, household items and ornaments.For Christians it has become the symbol of their faith, because Christ by his death on the cross made it holy.

Vera protects it to a large force of character is reflected in the fact that many peoples clothes and other items decorated with embroidery was a cross.A clear evidence of this - the surviving grandmother, and even prababushkiny embroidered shirts and towels.Nowadays embroidery is back in vogue, but because many are interested in how to embroider a cross.

cross stitch technique is not very complicated, and master it by force, even a child.Each cross stitch consists of two equal-length stitches polukrestikov - one tilted to the right, the second - to the left, which is filled with a field square pattern.Cross Stitch refers to a type of countable, ie needlewoman does just as much stitches in one direction, as necessary to perform image or ornament, and then stitches them overlaps with the opposite slope.It is important to ensure that all the ranks of the top stitches are inclined in the same direction.Then the embroidery looks smooth and neat, and with multicolored version is also not disturbed color uniformity.

mastered the technique of needlework, you easily will understand how to embroider a cross scheme.After all, it is designated a cross or a matching color square icon.Count the number of crosses of the same color in a row, embroider them on the canvas.Then move to the second row, counting how many crosses have to retreat in one direction or another.And develops embroidered linens.