Where is home to walruses, everything is plowed bottom

Walruses are among the largest pinnipeds.Adult males can be up to 4 meters, and the weight of some individuals - nearly two tons.Among the pinnipeds in size, they are second only to the elephant seals.Thick fangs reaching half-meter length, walruses are used for digging suitable food of sand and silt.

Where live walruses, little depth, because they feed mainly on benthic mollusks, which is easier to produce in the shallows.They can be found in the polar seas of Eurasia and North America.

menacing in appearance, but good at heart

Heavy Leather (up to 4 cm) is almost devoid of hair.Walruses live in water and are good swimmers.The presence of a large amount of fat allows the animal to easily stay afloat.Head they are heavier than water.In order to breathe, it has to periodically raise above the water surface.Although the water in search of food animals can spend a lot of time, but at a depth of sleep, they can not.In the place inhabited by walruses, can often be seen sticking out of the water brown-brown back sleeping herd-like scattering of boulders in the shallow water.Periodically mascara hiding in the dark water, and in their place there mustachioed head.Sea animals, without opening his eyes, makes a deep breath and then plunges his head, and in its place appears again spin.So, tossing constantly, they sleep.

Walrus - animal herd.They live in large groups every year making long journeys to the places that they have chosen for breeding.The process of choosing a place last very long.Animals are extremely careful and never dare to go to the bank immediately.First, they sniff, assess the situation, exchange of information and only then venture out of the water.

In cases where the animals have to rest on the shore after a long voyage, in places inhabited by walruses, there is an interesting picture.Tired, they heap lie on the beach, huddled shoulder to shoulder.Sleep can be in any position: on the belly, on the back or side.New arrivals, to find some free space, forced to climb on the backs of their comrades.Fights because of tightness is not seen, in this respect, they show a remarkable restraint and peacefulness.

usually walrus rookeries have separated.Adult males prefer to lie on the beach.Females with kids trying to stay on the ice.When the animals on the ice accumulates a lot, it turns over under their weight or simply disappear under water.

Reproduction sea giants is slow.Mostly young females bear one once every 3-4 years.Feeding baby milk in half ton weight lasts throughout the year.Morzhata themselves produce their own food can not, because they have teeth begin to grow from one year of age.

"Pahari" Sea

bottom of shallow waters inhabited by walruses, covered with large furrows, reaching up to 150 meters in length.These grooves make the animals in the soft soil, silt and clay perepahivaya in search of clams - their main food.Sailing at the very bottom, walrus mug paves the furrow, while managing to go selecting all edible.