How to remove make-up

think, just wash?Especially given the quality of our water, especially taking into account the characteristics of the skin and age?Improper washing or bad makeup remover can bring your skin more harm than age or stress.Therefore, take this daily process with all possible care.

If you have dry skin, the cleanser and makeup remover should contain extracts of nourishing oils.You can use clean and oil - even a vegetable, but rather cosmetic.

Sensitive skin makeup remover should be unscented.It would be the best cleansing milk containing calendula oil, avocado, lanolin.

For normal skin fit and jelly, and cream-soap and gel, and purifying foam and spray a light mousse.But cleansing milk removes make-up more thoroughly and gently.

But oily skin requires funds to be herbal extracts, neutralizing sebum and detergents - active cleaning agents.

For very oily skin suitable synthetic soap, solid or liquid.In its composition may be whey and glycerin, lanolin and almond oil, algae.It cleanses pores, without disrupting the natural acid mantle of the skin.You can use gel for daily washing the microparticles, and after - face lotion containing alcohol.It cleans the skin and prevents inflammation.

Mixed skin cleansers are best for washing in the form of a gel, and then you can use a lotion with a small amount of alcohol.

Before you proceed to removing makeup, wash your hands thoroughly.Then secure the hair hoop or fabric bandage and start with make-up removal of the eyes.Waterproof Mascara is removed products containing oil.Apply a little money on a cotton swab and gently slide it from the outer to the inner corner of the eye (and not vice versa - not to stretch delicate skin).Do not use ordinary cotton - it may villi in case of eye irritating.

useful washing mineral water and rub the face with a piece of ice from herbal infusions.

Never wipe the face with a towel, just pat, being careful not to stretch the skin.

Do not go to bed with makeup unexpunged - then you have a long time to eliminate the consequences.

Protect your skin, take care of it, then you save the freshness and beauty for a long time.

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