Official seal - an attribute of authenticity and reliability

For centuries official stamp has been and remains an integral part of business and political life.Each document is certified by a print, which displays the name of the company or a person's name, confirming its authenticity.According to the "Tale of Bygone Years" period of 944 years official seal, which is used in Russia, the prince or lord of the time, was the ring on his finger, or an ingot of gold or silver.She had engraved heraldic symbol or the name of the great men.

Nowadays tribal official seal is once again becoming popular.Many people delve into the archives and look for signs of heraldry of his ancestors in order to impress and leave for posterity their own family attribute.Of course, in the old official seal was more important than the personal signature.Nowadays, it is not always true.

Today the official stamp is needed for each enterprise.While enactment certain requirements with respect to the form and the information contained in its field, the rule of law on its application yet.In order to assure the authenticity of the document and feel like an equal partner in the transaction, even the smallest company strives to make an official stamp.Many individuals are also trying to do this.

Seal coat should be round, but today, many make it oval, and sometimes triangular or square.Her impression on a document certifies that the signature on the document supplied by the official, is genuine.Therefore, it must be engraved on the data of the enterprise or its owner.

These inscriptions are called legends of the legal or natural person depending on who owns the printing.This tradition dates back to the time when the coat of arms displayed feats of personal achievement and merit of the Knights.As in the Middle Ages, a shield with the coat of arms was the only personal identity card encased in armor knights and today print captures the essence of the enterprise.

Currently, personal seals are notaries and doctors, despite the fact that they work in the same facility with other professionals.The advantage to use the official seal has only government agencies.Private companies have to do to get the status of a public institution.The main printing units such as JSC, LLC or the Company may have not only round but also triangular.It certifies the signature chief director - general manager or president.For branches and divisions in large enterprises use additional printing, which are the same basic stamp, but has its own serial number.

Official seal must necessarily display the name of the company together with organizational and legal data.Also, it should be specified the exact location and number of the registration of the company, together with the number of seals from the Register.There will be more appropriate and a logo or emblem of the company.However, to the trademark or brand were shown on the stamp printing, you need to have a certificate on it, a copy of which, certified by a notary, should be attached to sketch a model when ordering on manufacturing.