Books worth reading psychology.

Do not dreamed at least once in their lives, each of us on a magic wand, a wave of which will be resolved all conflicts and reach the goal?As such magic in real life does not exist, we have to learn, learn from others and on their own to deal with their wishes and concerns.And here come to the aid of the book.Good reading, time was in the hands, has undeniable magic.Books worth reading psychology to anyone who intends to use the power of knowledge for their own benefit, divided directions.

Tips on books

To time was spent usefully and old memories, and has been applied in practice, it is necessary to choose the right reading.Books worth reading in psychology, each determines its own, based on their preferences.But there are some guidelines that will help to make a choice:

  • decide to start to explore the psychological literature.That's what kind of knowledge needed reader will envy the list of books.

  • Learn about the trends and schools, the teaching of which is close to you.For any reader interesting books on psychology - those that he understands and accepts subconsciously.

  • information filters.Excess discarded important memorize, burn, back to her.

  • bad advice about books with peers.Maybe in your circle of friends is someone who has read the work, and ready to give it a review.The style of writing, the author's views and his personal experience - a very important moments in the books on psychology.

know the mysteries of the human mind, the subconscious and the relationship is not only interesting, but useful.Even if you have not studied this science before, for you to find interesting books on psychology that will give answers to many of life's questions.


man goes through several stages of age, each of which, in addition to pleasant moments, fraught with many problems.It is estimated that over the years, the experience of past years and the event one becomes wiser.But that does not relieve him from the age crises.In addition, often need help someone who can not cope with the change of ages.These difficulties affect the relationship of man to himself and the world around them.

books that are worth reading psychology to address age-related problems:

  • «secret support.Attachment in the life of the child "(Petranovskaya LV).

  • «The older, the better.New features age "(Pamela Blair).

  • «The psychology of children with disabilities and psychological development" (Mikadze YV).

  • «Ladder joy" (Khukhlaeva OV).

  • «Psychology" (Darwish Olesya).

These are books that are intended for teachers, educators, and for people in non-teaching activities.


family in everyone's life - the most important and valuable.But it is not easy to create and save!Relationships within the family between spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters, other relatives and matchmakers - these are subtle and complex substance ... Each family member should be able to not only love, but also to endure, to give, to insist, to forgive.The best book on the psychology can not absolutely guarantee peace and harmony in the family, if there were only acquired knowledge in theory.

Bestsellers on the psychology of the family:

  • «Why men lie and women roaring" (Allan and Barbara Pease).

  • «Married shootout with ULETalnym outcome.How to save the relationship, and whether to do it "(Tseluyko VM).

  • «Woman.Tutorial for men "(A. Novoselov).

  • «Live easy!" (Matthews E).

This short list contains the most useful books on the psychology of family relations.They are written in accessible language and is not designed to study as part of a university course in psychology (although it is not prohibited), and for people looking for a solution of their own problems and issues.

Psychology of communication

Because we live in a society, it is impossible to do without communication.Communication "traps" us everywhere: at home, on the landing, in transport, at school, at work, at the store, and so on.If there is no access to personal contact, a person uses the telephone, mail and Internet.

Although communication - "innate" ability and an integral part of human life, there are people to whom it is a burden.The best book on the psychology of different authors on the topic of communication give advice:

  • «language talk" (Allan and Barbara Pease).

  • «25 ways to win the goodwill of the people" (D. Maskvel).

  • «The art of verbal attack" (Carsten B.).

  • «I'm listening to you ..." (Atwater. IV).

  • «Art casual conversation" (Topf K.).

  • «Labyrinths of communication, or how to learn to get along with people" (Egides AP).

Community - physiological needs.Learn to enjoy and benefit from it.

Psychology of Persuasion

Each of us affects the other person, and at the same time exposed himself.The skills of influencing people, persuasion, manipulation can be developed and applied successfully.But it is important not to forget to develop protection from other manipulators.

books that are worth reading psychology to those who intend to master the art of persuasion:

  • «The Psychology of Persuasion.50 proven ways to be persuasive "(H. Holstein).

  • «Arsenal speaker.Full ammunition "(Kovalev, Morev B.).

  • «Protection against manipulators of all kinds" (Vlasov NM).

  • «Manipulation in communication" (D. Ustinov).

  • «Psychology of manipulation.From puppets in the puppet masters "(Shapar VA).

  • «Negotiations in three dimensions" (D. Lax, Sebenius AD).

  • «How to get yes or negotiate without defeat" (Fisher, R., Ury W. Patton B.)

They will be useful to everyone, not just people who have a belief - the basis of the profession.A good book on psychology for beginners businessmen or vendors - an indispensable tool in the work.

Psychology conflict

Small-scale conflicts and misunderstandings - the constant companions of communication.Refer to psychology, to solve or prevent a quarrel.Choose what to read a book on the psychology of learning to "to resolve" conflicts.Possession of valuable information does not eliminate the conflict, but you can pacify their destructive power and benefit from them:

  • «Reader on conflict resolution."

  • «everyone can win" (H. Cornelius, Fair Sh).

  • «Conflicts at work.How to recognize them, to allow, to prevent "(Phelan EG).

  • «101 council to resolve the conflict" (Peshekhonov A.).

  • «Conflict Resolution.From Conflict to Cooperation "(S. Levin).

psychology of personal growth and self-development

Something to hide, psychology today - very fashionable science.People love the simplicity of the psychology of perception and practical application.One of the most popular areas is the development of her personality.A distinctive feature of good material for self-development - a positive, inspiring and internal impulse to action after reading.

books that are worth reading psychology to develop personal motivation and self-development:

  • «The Monk Who Sold His" Ferarri "(R. Sharma).

  • «Time Drive" (Arkhangelsk City).

  • «Delivering Happiness" (Shane T.).

  • «The habit of being happy" (Bayhou A.).

  • «Come out of your comfort zone.Change your life.21 method for increasing personal effectiveness "(Tracy B.).

  • «No. 1. How to become the best at what you do" (J. Mann).

  • «To hell with everything and do beris" (R. Branson).

  • «subconscious can do anything" (D. Kehoe).

This is just a small portion of books on self-development, which should start its continuous path.In fact, he will, no doubt, as you have already come to the conclusion that it is time to move on.

great psychology books

We understand that psychology affects all areas of human life (communication, thinking, development and so on. D.).Today, there are various techniques, seminars, guidance on the use of "knowledge" of the human soul and mind.

allowances on the market, written in accessible language.But do not forget the work of great scientists, and works that are the basis of current knowledge.If you intend to seriously sort out the problem and the book on psychology for beginners You are no longer satisfied, refer to the writings of the guru:

  • Abraham Maslow "Motivation and Personality."

  • Eric Berne, "Games People Play".

  • Nathaniel Branden, "self-esteem psychology."

  • Sigmund Freud, "The Interpretation of Dreams."

  • Thomas E. Harris, "I - O` Kay, you - O` Kay."

  • Karen Horney."Our internal conflicts."

These books students learn psychological faculties.But at least they would be interested in a person who is interested in different aspects of human behavior.

best of the best

Of course, the books of psychology much more than presented above on the short list.It is only those with which it is recommended to start learning some direction.But if you have the ability and desire to read something useful, and with the area you're still undecided, read the following list.

the top 10 books on psychology:

1. «Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" (John Gray).

2. «The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.Powerful development of the personality "(Stephen R.).

3. «No.The best strategy of negotiation "(D. Camp).

4. «The psychology of influence.Persuade.Impact.Protect "(R. Cialdini).

5. «Kamasutra for speaker" (R. Gandabas).

6. «Swear not be tolerated.How to learn to resolve and prevent conflicts. "

7. «Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (Robert Kiyosaki).

8. «You can arrange everything" (Mr. Kennedy).

9. «How to Win Friends and Influence People" (D. Carnegie).

10. «50 books and great ideas that will help you change your life" (Butler-Boudon T.).

These books are considered the best of the best in their fields.Therefore, if you leave, sick leave, or just your spare time, take his memories.Reading these books give pleasure and benefit.