The right hemisphere of the brain, its function and development

At first glance, it seems that the two halves of the human brain are mirrored, but it is not.If you examine the issue more closely, you can see their asymmetry.When measuring the size of the brain is that the left hemisphere is always a little more than the right.But this is not the only difference.The right hemisphere contains long nerve fibers that connect remote parts of the brain and the left has short fibers forming communication in a limited area.

medical supervision

examining the brain of a patient who has suffered a loss of speech, Paul Broca, French doctor in 1861 drew attention to the fact that the left hemisphere of the damaged portion of the frontal lobe, which is responsible for speech production.

Only recently, scientists were able to determine what else is responsible each hemisphere separately.The fact that the normal functioning of our brain works as a coherent system, and the information is instantly transmitted from hemisphere to hemisphere on a wide beam of nerve fibers that connect them.These fibers called the corpus callosum.

In epilepsy the linking bridge can cause problems and damage the brain.In an effort to prevent such an outcome, neurosurgeons in some cases, cut through the corpus callosum.

Such patients live a normal life, but scientists can scrutinize the work of the cerebral hemispheres separately.And that's what has been determined.

left hemisphere is able to express himself speech, perform complex calculations, and logical operations.The right brain reacts only to light a simple question.

But right hemisphere perfectly aware of space and structure, so it is best left creates geometric designs and drawings with the prospect.The left brain controls the right side of the body, and the right - left.

if damaged right hemisphere of a person are violated in recognition of individuals or the perception of information, depth and space.For more information relative specialization of the right hemisphere, scientists have watched for patients who have impaired speech, but the ability to sing is maintained.It follows that the right hemisphere is responsible for the musical abilities.

Differences hemispheres

asymmetry of brain hemispheres is mental, sensory and motor hemispheric.

the study of psycho-physiological functions, it was found that the control of verbal information channel in the speech carries the left hemisphere, and for the non-verbal channel, ie,voice and intonation, the following rules.Information processing in the left hemisphere is made analytically sequentially on the induction principle.The right hemisphere processes the information received at the same time, synthesizing it, according to the principle of deduction.

left hemisphere is mostly positive emotions, and inhibits expression of the weak emotion.The right hemisphere is more "emotional" and is mainly negative emotions, controlling the manifestation of the strong.

in the field of touch right and left hemispheres differ ability to visual perception.The right hemisphere of the brain takes a holistic visual image and is easier to cope with the problem of distinguishing between objects and visualization.The left hemisphere is coming to an assessment of the visual image dissected analytically.The consciousness and abstract thinking are mainly associated with him.

Motor hemispherical asymmetry is expressed in the right-left-handedness, which is controlled by the motor cortex of the opposite hemisphere.

development of the right hemisphere

to develop intuition, one must learn how to activate the right hemisphere.How to achieve this?The easiest and most natural way is to exercise those activities in which "turns on" the right side of the brain.It's all kinds of art: painting, singing, dancing and listening to music, odor perception, manipulation of symbols, images.