Mordva: appearance, language and origin

Mordva - it is the people who speak one of the Finno-Ugric dialects.He lived in the basins of two rivers Moksha and Sura and in the area between the Volga and the White.This is one of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation.Within the boundaries of the Republic of Mordovia is home to one-third of the people, and most of it settled in neighboring regions of the Russian Federation.By the way, themselves representatives of the people themselves do not call.This ethnonym originated from the word which means' man, man. "Mordvins divided into two main tribes - Erzya (erzyat) and Moksha (mokshet).

Many historians interested in the origins of the people Mordvinians.Outside them, in most cases it does not differ from the exterior of their Slav neighbors, but they say in the language of a completely different group.Their culture is different from Russian, but not drastically.Origin Mordovians many historians see the ancient people of so-called "Gorodets culture."In ancient Russian sources mentioned that the people from the eleventh century.At the end of the twelfth century Mordovians disappearing primitive society.On its lands formed power, known as the Slavs "Purgasova parish."Then, these territories became part of Russia.By faith in the majority are Orthodox, but still in the last decades are showing interest in the ancient religion of their ancestors.

Ancient traditions preserved to our days Mordvinians.Appearance of this man of the people, dressed in traditional costume, it seems very original and colorful.Significantly different style of male and female costume.Traditional cuisine resembles Russian: porridge, sauerkraut, sour bread, boiled meat.From drinks popular brew.

inhomogeneities binary nation is Mordvinians.Outside they have the remains of Mongoloid, and in some cases - are clear signs of it.This is due to the fact that a few thousand years ago, the population of the Urals moved to the West mixed with the Caucasoid peoples.This is also due to the language and the replacement of old people Gorodets culture on the language of the Finno-Ugric group.The invaders, who belonged to the Uralic race, assimilated the local population, in no small part mingling with them.This is how people Mordvinians.Outside of its representatives as a whole - a combination of Caucasoid and Mongoloid features with a predominance of the first.

number of people in our time is reduced.To a large extent this is due to the processes of assimilation.A large part of the people using Russian as the language of everyday communication.Assimilation started during the feudal fragmentation of Rus.Since then, the rate of assimilation Mordovians steadily increased.Some of its ethnic groups and the long-Russified dissolved in the mass Russian.

One, Mordovians common language does not exist - there are Erzya and Moksha languages.They differ slightly, and total between them is greater than the differences.Once they were merely dialects of a single language, which is spoken Mordvinians.Its origin - Finno-of Finnish, with some borrowing from the language of the neighboring nations, in particular, from the Tatar and Russian.