The war in Dagestan

in Dagestan are still continuing terrorist attacks remind the public about reports of fighting.Daily sacrifices in considerable quantities make it an event to qualify as a new war with the security forces of civilians.The war in Dagestan for locals is a very difficult event.Therefore it is necessary to examine in more detail the ins and outs of this phenomenon.

Reports for October 2012

Thirteenth October Tsumadin bandits in the area killed three members of law enforcement agencies.Ninth of the same month from the close Gurbuki car was blown up, as a result it was found three charred bodies.Sixth October unknowns attacked one of the offices of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, was kidnapped 2.5 billion rubles, killed one woman and injured two visitors.Fifth of October in Makhachkala on Gogol Street was liquidated Yerlan Yusupov.On Ordzhonikidze Street on the same day attacked law enforcement officials, with the result that police seized Makarov pistols.

day earlier, 25-year-old citizen of Makhachkala was shot at a bus with people on the track "Makhachkala-Astrakhan".On the same day killed the head of the Administration of Nizhny Chiryurt Habib Jamalov and Murad Kachkarova (representative of the local collective farm).The war in Dagestan, brings a lot of trouble to local residents.The attack carried out by unknown masked men.Second October policeman was killed on the street in Makhachkala Dahadaeva.Only in the latest report, for two months of the crimes were committed in about sixty points.Explosions, acts of terrorism, hostage-taking in Dagestan occurs daily.The war in Dagestan brings trouble and sorrow not only to local residents.

Forecasts happening

war in Dagestan (2012) has brought a lot of troubles.Forecasts of development of the situation in the country, are disappointing.Journalists believe that criminal banditry under the guise of extremism, acquires such a nature that extort money already and officials.

The authorities are at a loss, they not only can not give a clear assessment of what is happening, but do not know how to get out of the current situation in the country.

Residents of the country are outraged by the fact that young people from despair simply nothing else to do, you can not find a job, even a highly skilled population, young people realize their potential nowhere, the police do not carry out the required duties, and this inevitably leads to disruption of the social order.To date, the authorities are trying to restore justice only through special operations.The civil war in Dagestan continues, and when it will end is unknown.

course, the elimination of bandits is undoubtedly a necessary measure, on a daily basis "siloviki", risking their own lives, trying to restore order in the country, although the main causes of the disorder still remain unresolved.The war in Dagestan, will bring many more troubles will monitor developments.