Spirits in the apartment and how to get rid of them

buying an apartment, especially after the deceased owners, make sure that the former master (or mistress) does not live near you.

And that is, that the dead people survive with new tenants bought their housing.He tells the magician Alexander Tsyn.

Personally, in my experience, there were several cases podobny.

Moreover, the deceased acted very creatively and effectively, and to cope with them was quite problematic.When me they behaved decently and quietly, but when the cat out the door - mice holiday.

In fact, the essence of the former owners of housing, can not leave just like that, above all, they were tied to their apartments, because they they got very difficult, and after their death were immediately sold to the relatives - they hurt that their property,for which they are in their lives so much put nerves, labor, and sometimes specifically sold their conscience and honor (which is the only thing that remains in the last hour) so easily gone away.The result - in the afterlife they will not take - neither up nor to the bottom ... to anyone they do not were not needed - they're not dirty enough to burn in hell, neither pure enough to be in paradise - and by the way is now quite a lot of perfume.

What else can be found in the old apartment?Of course portal, or simply funnel between measurements will walk you through a sufficient amount of perfume using your apartment as a transshipment base ..

Well, we are, in my opinion, digress from the topic.How, indeed rid the apartment of the souls of the former owners, who do not want to leave you alone?

There are several methods:

first (and main) - a contract.It operates in half the cases.How to negotiate - that's according to the spirit, if, for example, there lived an alcoholic - drink together heart to heart talk on the theme "you respect me" - admired in any case not going to do all sorts of nasty things and podlyanki ..

old woman - sittogether, talk, pour her a cup of tea, give candy or more - but God forbid you then drink from her mug, for that matter buy a mug, just for her, beautiful.

If possible, ask the neighbors what it was during the life of the man that I loved what could not stand it for closer to meet him and find a topic for conversation .. Even if your conversation will look like a monologue or a raving lunaticbut if you find a common language - this is a good dosizhenie friends from the world is a good thing.But

.to speak, first we must understand from ke you say, and that the one with whom you speak, you listen

course, persuasion does not always help - a lot depends on the real hazard of spirit, and they are, in my experience, there are thboth harmful and troublesome neighbors to new owners.

second option if persuasion did not help - cleanse and sanctify the apartment with a special ritual.Rituals of a similar case is in any developed religious tradition.It helps if the priest observes all the posts and really believe in what makes .. Now, of course, with this somewhat tight (in my practice there was only one case of successful expulsion of the spirit of this method), but still think it's worth knowing.

third method - the so-called exorcism, to put it simply - the expulsion of demons, evil spirits.This has traditionally involved shamans, then specially trained priests and priests of different religions and cults.But now, like little professionals.

If all this does not work - you have to have to apply directly to a specialist in our circle of those who understands this and not wait for a quick fix to this problem - it can take several weeks

M. Alexander Tsyn

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