Art of Ancient China

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history of ancient China has 5,000 years.A culture of China started during the Qin dynasty, which did not last long, and continued during the Han Dynasty.At the turn of the millennium, China has developed very intensively and at the same time there was the art of ancient China.

First of all, there was the traditional Chinese art - the art of fine, in no small part philosophic, furnished a number of funeral conventions.The first and obligatory rule for writing the picture - the story should contain some history.According to the second rule, the picture was written in verse form saying that reveals the meaning of the story.Write needed in calligraphic style.As we can see, the art of ancient China already demanded victims.

In addition, the artist had for each picture in advance to make a seal with his name, which he "signed" the finished work.Technique of drawing was also strictly defined.There are two methods of writing paintings "Gunba" and "sei".In the manner of "Gunba" to paint, which required a clear line drawn by the total contour drawing and detailing items.And the style of "sei" assumed blur outlines, CA and conventional.Artists have used in the ink, watercolors, silk fabrics, bamboo and rice paper.Painting as art of ancient China, it was the most difficult process of the time.

Simultaneously with the appearance of traditional Chinese painting, developed the art of ceramics.Making pottery is not very subtlety, pots and jars made by hand-sculpting or on a primitive potter's wheel, but pottery decorated in the style of high art.Bright, colorful patterns embossed on the surface of the vase or pitcher, geometrically correct patterns and ornaments rhythmically repeated, creating a whole composition.After a certain period of time, ceramic art smoothly passed the famous Chinese porcelain, which is highly valued in our days.

Chinese Han Dynasty interesting as the art of bronze casting.Technologies have been difficult, but the finished vessel or vase struck the perfect pattern.Ancient Chinese craftsmen managed to convey the finest image, whole scenes, animals and plants.As found during the excavation of clay forms possible to reconstruct the appearance of bronze casting, when the art of ancient China has developed in many areas.Make a copy of a clay vessel of the future, and then draws the pattern on the surface.After this form of reverse and searing impression created another form, since the relief pattern.In this form the molten bronze was poured, then the form was divided into smaller pieces.Thus, the ancient Chinese ceramic art is characterized by the exclusive products.

Despite the importance of arts and crafts, not to mention the theater.This folk art has appeared in the 6th century BCand gaining strength until the 10th century, acquiring new forms.Ancient Chinese Theater was formed as a complex, multi-stage performance, including a pantomime, dance and singing, a clear delineation of roles of actors, simplicity of the scenery, which was performed only a complementary role to play.But in general, the Chinese theater was a significant part of the culture of ancient China.Of course, the art of ancient China, summarized in this article does not provide information about the art of the country in full, "behind the scenes" were species such as an nodules, sculpture clay giants, art silk, gunpowder, and finally, Chinese cuisine.