Health resorts of Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

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Republic of Belarus - is a picturesque country with a rich history and culture.People come here to enjoy nature, ancient homesteads, churches and temples.But priorities are medical tours in local motels.This kind of tourism here today is developing dynamically, becoming a powerful industry.Improved equipment of health centers, resulting in Byelorussia pleased treated themselves residents and citizens of other countries.Hospitals and rest homes are a huge number.We are also selectively consider the best resorts of Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.They can be proud of its modern diagnostic databases, so come here not only to improve their health, but also to be examined.

Sanatorium "Belorusochka»

This is a wonderful recreation area on the shore of the reservoir, surrounded by pine-birch forest.Like all the other motels in Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, in this institution widely used by natural factors.They work well here professionals.The resort consists of four buildings, the first is a concert hall and a medical unit.It consists of rooms, mud and mineral irrigation, magnetic therapy and aromatherapy, inhalation, and a salt cave.

second building includes residential accommodation and medical-diagnostic unit.The third and fourth - a residential housing intended for the resort guests.Vacationers are invited to the type of food "buffet" three times a day.There is also a children's menu.

Coming here, you will feel how hospitable Belarus.Sanatorium "Belorusochka", according to patients, offers an effective procedure for the treatment of diseases such as low back pain, spondylosis, torakalgiya, frozen shoulder, arthritis, arthrosis and other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

treatment, cost and reviews

for the procedure in the "Belorusochka" uses water from its own mineral spring.Coolers filled with medical-table water, are found in all residential buildings.It successfully practiced balneogryazelechenie.Mineral, bromine, hydrogen sulfide, with an extract of various herbs and a few dozen types of therapeutic baths health resort offers its patients.It is a tremendous potential to choose an individual scheme of therapy for each individual.

Cost of tour includes accommodation, medical treatment and nutrition on the type of "buffet".Double room with partial conveniences will cost you 890 Russian rubles per day.Extra bed for a child is paid in full.Rooms with all facilities would cost a bit more expensive - 1270-1400 rubles per person.Double two-room costs from 2040 rubles.Apartment category "luxury" will cost between $ 3190 per room per night.

Reviews have to ensure that this summer to go to become acquainted with such a country as Belarus.Sanatorium "Belorusochka" really like regular customers.All of them emphasize the beauty of nature and comfort of residential rooms, modern equipment diagnostic and therapeutic unit, as well as the professionalism of the staff.Excellent food and interesting entertainment program makes the rest in a sanatorium memorable.

sanatorium "Radon»

It is a unique health resort, which has a stunning success among the inhabitants of the country and abroad.Not all health resorts of Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system can boast such a powerful healing resource.This health resort is located 210 km from Minsk, in a pine forest on the banks of the beautiful reservoir.Eight-story modern building accommodate residential accommodation designed for 420 people, a restaurant and spa treatments.Holidaymakers waits a varied menu and 5-course meal.

Health Resources

sanatorium "Radon" uses unique radon waters, which are known for its miraculous healing properties.They were recovered from the depth of 300 meters.Radon content is 20 to 60 nCi / l, is a treatment solution bath.In addition to commonly used medical procedures sapropelic mud lake Wild.The sanatorium "Radon" offers more than 50 unique treatments.This underwater and dry traction and contrasting radon baths, dry carbon dioxide and whirlpool baths, all kinds of massages.

cost holiday includes accommodation, entertainment procedures, adequate nutrition and basic medical treatment.Procedures picks up a doctor.Double room type «C» will cost 2015 rubles per day per person.Superior rooms are from 2715 rubles.Double apartment will cost from 1,910 rubles.There is also a children's department "Borovichok."The cost of living here starts from 1270 rubles.

Reviews agree that in general, the rest are very good.Basically praised medical-diagnostic base and the professionalism of doctors.The territory is beautiful and well appointed.Food is very good quality, but the number of rooms, according to both the Belarusians and guests of the country, a few "let us down."Not everywhere is a good repair, furniture in some rooms, too, needs to be replaced.The rest of this resort is perfect, and if you come here with the purpose to improve their health, everything else is not so important.

National Park "Narochanskiy»

On its territory is located resort "Sputnik".Belarus - a country of great beauty, but this region overshadows all others.The territory of the National Park - is the endless pine forests, stunning blue expanse, which merges the brink of heaven and water, unique landscapes.In this land to breathe easily, and illnesses recede by themselves.But like all the other motels in Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, "Sputnik" has its own treatment and preventive basis.

What does the "Sputnik»

you respond well to treatment polyarthritis of different etiology, traumatic arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis.The resort operates a modern mud baths, which uses sapropelic mud lake Sudobl.Also in the arsenal there are sulfide, silt mud of Lake Saki.In addition, it conducted physiological, light and lazerolechenie.In addition, the use of all types of massage, physiotherapy and health walks.

Now the cost of recreation.Double-bedroom apartments will cost 2700 rubles per day.The cost of living in the room "suite" is 2500 rubles.Double room will cost 2000 rubles.

Judging by the reviews, this resort - the best of what it offers Belarus.The treatment of the musculoskeletal system is successfully carried out through a combination of different techniques and intensive care, carried out by experienced professionals.Stunning natural beauty around gives a good mood and adjusts the recovery.

institutions focused on the treatment of children

This special sanatorium Belarus.Locomotor function of a person is very vulnerable, especially children.The mass of serious problems, from birth trauma and ending with curvature of the spine and improper posture, must be solved as soon as possible.Terms resort allow to conduct a comprehensive survey to identify the disease and to conduct effective out-patient therapy.

«Ruzhansky" sanatorium (Belarus)

This institution has positioned itself as a children's sanatorium.He is one of the few accept the smallest patients aged two years.However, so kids are shown only reducing rest, treatment, doctors conducted in children older than three years.The resort is located on the shore of the reservoir Papernya surrounded by pine forest.Infrastructure itself is well thought out to the little patients feel themselves comfortable.Residential housing, dining, sports and medical building connected to each other by warm transitions.It is very convenient for parents with children with disabilities.For them, there are additional amenities: special rooms, lifts and ramps.

Medical base

The resort is widely used by a variety of massages, underwater spine traction, galvanic, carbonated, mineral, hot tubs.Well complements thermotherapy: cedar barrel, an infrared camera, and elektrogryazelechenie.With the success of applied physiotherapy, working coaches who specialize in different age groups.

It should be noted that the resort offers plenty of affordable treatment in Belarus.Prices will vary depending on your individual choice of treatments, but the average is 1815 rubles per day.This amount includes accommodation, 5 meals a day and treatment (for stays of 14 days or more).

Reviews parents - a word of thanks for helping children.Here comes a variety of kids, and the kids are engaged with severe cerebral palsy.Treatment shows excellent results, the boys quickly return to normal life after a serious injury, and easier to pass a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Separately reviews highlight the good organization of the whole process: do not have to stand in queues or experience other inconveniences.Power meets the demands of both children and adults, the cook serves a varied menu and a lot of delicious dishes.


We have listed not all resorts of Belarus, who are engaged in treatment of the musculoskeletal system.You can add another resort "Berestye", "White Tower", "Nadzeja" and many others.The unique nature of this country has so many unique mud lakes, mineral springs, wonderful, coniferous forests and reservoirs, that the resort can build almost everywhere.As described above, the health resorts, in addition to natural resources, there is also a well-developed infrastructure, excellent medical equipment and professional staff.You can be sure that you will get the full information about the state of his body, and re-applying the diagnostic will show significant improvement.Further guidance specialists will help maintain their status at the same level.