How can you increase your blood pressure?

lowering blood pressure is more common in girls and young women.The sharp drop in its may appear headache, nausea, dizziness, and even short-term loss of consciousness.In addition, the pressure may be reduced as a result of the development of pathological conditions, which are combined as "shock" (anaphylactic, infectious-toxic, hypovolemic, cardiogenic, etc.).They are very dangerous to human life.Only the doctors know how to raise blood pressure in such a difficult situation.

importance of normal blood pressure is difficult to overestimate.By and large, it depends on performance of the rest of the body.After all, what is blood pressure for organs and tissues?This is primarily the velocity of the blood and its amount.From the values ​​of these indicators will depend on how many organs, tissues and individual cells receive oxygen and nutrients.

Under normal conditions, slightly increase the blood pressure is easy.Most often lack a cup of coffee or strong tea.In that case, if it fails, it is possible to take a drug called "Tsitramon".It contains caffeine, therefore also contributes to increased blood pressure.

If a person wants to improve its long, he should go in for sports.Citing the activity of muscles, it will also tone and its vessels.As a result, the pressure is normalized.

In the long term to increase the blood pressure can special tonics.Among the most popular today are the ginseng tincture, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra and levzei.It is worth noting that these drugs alone is better not to take.Only a doctor will be able to pick up the correct dose for the greatest needs of the patient, which has been low blood pressure.In practice, these drugs have received great popularity for the reason that the systematic reception can permanently stabilize the pressure.At the same time they practically are not dangerous for the man himself.

Good results show and acupressure.He certainly did not significantly increase blood pressure, but a little larger still capable.Massaging is necessary to a point located between the upper lip and nose, as well as at the root of the nail from the ring finger.

worth noting that it is best to raise blood pressure, using a set of tools.So certainly be able to achieve positive results.In the same case, if there is a significant decrease in blood pressure, you must immediately consult a doctor who will help you choose the right treatment.It will increase the level of life of patients with hypotension, as it will no longer torment constant headaches and dizziness.