Man Aquarius, Virgo woman: compatibility.

stars always know everything before us.These are not empty words.If you take into account all the warnings and advice of horoscopes promptly and wisely, you can avoid a lot of mistakes and, on the contrary, make the important actions that affect the life.

For many signs of the zodiac, you can find a lot of matches on a horoscope for the day, month, year, and so on. D. It is much harder to find the compatibility of the two characters, especially when it comes to men and women.

So, two different signs, two different lifestyles and two different perception of the world must unite in indissoluble tandem.This is possible if we face a man-Aquarius.Virgo woman.

man Aquarius

man of this sign is good, knows his worth;smart as much as he needed;sure of himself and his abilities - it's all about Aquarius can be said only when next to it is the only one that can all of these features to see it, to emphasize and cultivate.

itself it is quite active, idealistic, sociable, outgoing and independent.The last point - it is a problem for those women who can not find him to approach.But there are no signs in the horoscope, wherever they were compatible woman, born under any sign, and the men of Aquarius.


Virgo Woman Virgo - a dreamer, which must meet her prince.Ladies of the sign at any age are able to look steadfastly calm appearance at the moment when the soul plays a real storm that can destroy everything in its path that you want.This storm is happening at a time when she meets her prince, and then it does not matter what position he takes, what income is, and so on. N.

Union Aquarius-men and women-Virgin

this momentStorm in the soul of a beautiful lady could be a really happy moment.Man Aquarius, Virgo woman - a strong union people loving each other.

she chooses him, and not just for what it is.As a rule, such a storm comes in a special moment, able to strike her fancy.

In alliance "Aquarius male - female Virgo" Periodically the thrill that he should ask.She, in turn, will be able to this critical moment, even lasting several minutes (something has to hit her imagination: for example, the joint parachute jump, and so on. N.), Carry a few years.This will be her storm warming relations and bereguschie home.

Aquarius same throughout the relationship before and after the marriage will allow his partner to lead a life, take care of children, even the construction of the relationship between spouses.His appearance is important, good looks and, of course, intelligence.He is very affectionate, but only in one case, if a woman is smart and it becomes more of his friend than his mistress.Union male Aquarius, Virgo female is almost doomed to endless and the only love of his life.

Union woman Aquarius, Virgo male

Union with the same signs of the zodiac, just the opposite: female Aquarius, Virgo man - reviews compilers horoscopes is contradictory.And not just one.The stars say that almost any man in Virgo does not have a marriage of love for life.These doubters around the person so deep into the soul-searching and studying of person that they like that to a serious relationship it rarely comes.Especially with a woman-Aquarius.The man constantly in mind the new fantasy that must come true, but how this will happen, he does not care.Moreover, it happened in real life youth's first love, and that he will be able to spoil.Spoil the fact that all life is to idealize and look for something like that.A repetition of the woman-Aquarius can not be.

If the marriage is "man-Virgo - Aquarius woman" was held (and the stars indicate that as many as representatives of these signs, no one shies away from marriage), it may be long, for two reasons: either female Aquarius in lovefirst headlong, or man-Virgo included a program for the "pull through."

Neither man horoscope Virgo, Aquarius, a woman does not have an example of the star couple.

But clearly stated two irreconcilable sides of these characters:

  • male virgin inhospitable, stingy;
  • woman Aquarius imprudent, careless, sloppy

These are the main features, annoying each other in this pair.To come to terms with them is difficult, but possible.

If reconciliation and understanding is, that a rare happy marriage can take place.

It should be noted that the Union may begin to sexual relations, because to understand each other in bed these two representatives of the horoscope can be happy.

Thus, it remains the protection of women from Aquarius impractical and negligence, that man-Virgo does not hold.This spouse can continue to lead (in limited quantities) its rampant lifestyle, but without breaking a measured schedule of a strong half of their union.

What awaits such an alliance in the near future: a woman spends time on the weekend and get-togethers and meetings allowed without interfering with cozy and quiet pastime husband of the Virgin.This can continue for long.Whatever may have been trusting relationship, but a way of life definitely lead to uncontrollable jealousy Virgin.

disclose horoscope If this pair is not like marriage and friendship, and the friendship turns very relative, it will be more friendly relations.

Incompatibility Virgo male and female Aquarius

types of relations in which the most difficult to get on to the two representatives of the stellar horoscope:

  • married;
  • in working relationships (colleagues);
  • in friendship;
  • in superior-subordinate relationship.

Star horoscope again warns that this alliance faced two elements - earth and air, so it is so difficult.

Aquarius and Virgo together forever

same elements, earth and air, man-Aquarius, Virgo woman - and a completely different attitude.This alliance will allow the wife to her husband in the clouds, to create new projects, make money, manage the family budget, and so on. E., It will be convenient to her, if he follows the rules of order and cleanliness (or at least pretends to be trying).He, in turn, is very important feeling that next to him his only true friend and a beloved woman in one person.This alliance, if held, most often for life.

Here they are, the stars of Aquarius and Virgo!