5-year-old boy drinking softener, and eating paint

For three years, he - very unusual eating habits.

5-year-old little boy Owen Collins of the British Chester eating rocks, gravel, sand, toilet paper, sponges, paint and drinking softener.

All this is happening to him because of the rare disorder, called dysorexia (In English literature the disorder called "peak" (lat. Pica - forty), as it was once thought that this bird eats the earth and clay)).

diagnosis of the boy set three years ago, when Owen ate sand on the beach during a family holiday.

Appetite Collins really perverse: in addition to the above, he eats and drinks cleaners, wallpapers and once even began to nibble a fake red nose 9-year-old little brother Finn.

disorder causes his son's mother, 32-year-old Kerry Collins, constantly be on guard not to give Owen eat something, from what he could become seriously ill."We can not turn away from it for a second - she says - so he immediately thrusts his hand into the sand or dirt. If I leave within the reach of cleaners, he eat them, or try to drink. And he always tears off and licked the paint off the wall. I even had to give my mother a gift from a friend a plant because Owen constantly eating earth from the pot in which it grew. "

all potentially dangerous things Mrs. Collins is forced to keep on high shelves.It is taking all possible that the son did not get to (and hides the ladder locks special locks on the shelves).

Recently Owen awoke a taste for toilet paper and washcloths, and signs of ending his thirst for devouring nesedlbnogo is not visible yet.

Kerry Collins: "When I saw him eat sand, I thought it was just such a period and that his son grow. The worst thing - that he had not eaten anything poisonous, something like that, from what he is sick. This is, thank God, was not overweight and he, too, is not gaining. But Aeon problems with speech, so it is not Mauger explain to me why he does it. That's what drives me, and great stress. "

In primary school, attends Oeun, aware of its problems and are closely watching the little boy.The main danger lies when he visits someone from friends.There, he can head straight to the washing machine for linen air conditioning.Nine-year

brother Owen and his two year old sister perverted appetite is not affected.True sister tried to copy his brother and ate in the bathroom soap bubbles, but she did not like the taste.Owen also to taste do not care.He feels a special thrust to eating loads and moss, so access to the street for it is limited.

But the mother still hopes that the son's condition to change and he can spend more time outside the house and normally communicate with their peers.

Photo source: dailymail.co.uk