What temperature should be at the baby that is considered normal

new parents, especially if they have had their first child, may be too hard for him to watch, constantly looking around and checking whether all the baby is fine.This is normal, but such zeal can lead to the fact that, unwittingly, parents may begin to seek out a variety of diseases in the child, constantly harassing local pediatrician for no reason.To avoid such situations, it is necessary in the period of pregnancy to get acquainted with various recommendations for the care of the newborn, as well as to understand the different things, such as what temperature should be at the baby.

Infants and grudnichki

Newborn babies entire body functioning at first on their own, are not yet fully adapted to life "from above".Therefore it is necessary to understand themselves prematurely, what the temperature should be in a newborn baby, then to not be afraid and do not run on doctors from the baby.Immediately after the birth, and for several days (up to one week) the baby's body temperature may range 37-37,4 degrees.And this is perfectly normal, because it is difficult for such a short period of time to adapt to the new environment.And a week later the child set a constant temperature, which may range 36,2-37 degrees, depending on the body of the baby.Also, get to know beforehand what the temperature should be at the month-old baby.It can vary in the same framework - 36,2-37 degrees and be completely normal and comfortable for the baby.

How to measure the temperature of infants

Today, there are three ways to measure and determine which temperature should be at the baby.The first measurement can be carried out in the classical way - in the armpit of the baby.But to get a result this method can be difficult to achieve, becausehardly grudnichok quietly lie down for three minutes.An alternative method would be to measure the body temperature rectally, i.e.rectum child.This method is faster, takes an average of 30 seconds (when using an electronic thermometer), the period of time you can hold the baby in a calm state.You can also measure the temperature of a child in the groin crease.Measure the temperature of the baby's mouth should be extremely pacifier thermometer.

measurement results when using different methods of temperature measurements at one and the same child can get very different results.Why is this happening?Before you measure the temperature of the body, you need to read, how to decipher the figures and what the temperature should be in an infant under one or another method of measurement.For example, the average rectal temperature one degree higher than the armpit and half a degree higher than that obtained after the measurement in the mouth.

dangerous temperatures

Knowing what temperature should be at the baby, you need to familiarize yourself with the top, its dangerous value.For example, to shoot down the temperature of the infants can not be antipyretic to 38.5 degrees.Of course, if the child normally behaves.If the temperature is above this mark, it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice.It should also be remembered that if the temperature is exceeded for the division of 39 degrees from the baby may start cramping.