Have you ever wondered how many years living birch?

has long been considered a symbol of white birch Russia.One can hardly imagine Russian fields, forests and groves without these trees.She sang of the beauty of poets, writers and artists of all time.Exactly as many years living birch tree accompanied by a Russian man.She was worshiped, loved and feared.Some Slavic tribes believed that the souls of the dead birches live, so the settlements were created away from these trees.Many, on the contrary, believed that the birch repels evil forces and brings happiness.

summer in the shadow of its spreading branches could take shelter from the sun and the rest of the tree in winter wood stoked the hut.Without birch broom can not imagine Russian banya and juice are always appreciated for its miraculous properties of recovery and purification of the blood.

Have you ever wondered how many years living birch?How much good it can do for your life?Due to the inability to tolerate the effects of water it is rarely used in any kind of construction.However, cosmetology and folk medicine still uses the beneficial properties of this tree: bark, leaves and buds of birch brewed and insist and then drink or make compresses.Parasitize on birch fungus - chaga - often used as an antitumor agent for bruises and bruises.A delicious juice, which gives White birch in the spring?It is a pity that in recent years, it can not be found in stores.

Decorative dignity birch actively used in furniture manufacturing.The hardness and uniformity of fine fiber surface treatment of light, soft, golden shine and incomparable shade of this tree gained popularity among furniture craftsmen.Especially prized mature trees.

No country in the world Birch was not so popular in our country.And no country in the world has so many species of birch.The cold climate does not harm the tree unpretentious.It can grow in marshy lowlands and rocky hills and along rivers.He likes the open, sunny space, but can normally move and shaded areas.In recent years, actively birch planted in city parks and alleys, but unnatural for themselves the conditions of the tree is unlikely to live to seventy years.

However, the question of "how many years living birch" can be answered, it depends on the type of climate and growing conditions.

To date, scientists have about a hundred species of trees, from dwarf or bush growing in the Far North in the permafrost and reaches a maximum height of one meter to more familiar to us silver birch, which reaches a height of thirty meters.

How many years living birch, you can determine if you look closely to it.If the tree grew naturally in his usual wild and not subjected to human domestication, the chance to live to a hundred and fifty years had greatly increased.On the border with China in the Far East is growing birch Shmitdta that can reach the age of four hundred years.