Pros and cons of television satellite, digital, interactive

probably imagine life without television is not possible at the present stage.For the convenience of watching TV a reality embodied the most trivial ideas, ranging from the SMART technology and ending with an interactive TV.Are there differences between the varieties of broadcasting?What are the pros and cons concluded television?To answer these questions we will try in this article.

Interactive TV

on the territory of the Russian Federation for the first time talking about interactive television three years ago.From that time began the amazing story of the development of these technologies.All the leading providers of state switched to this method of providing television servants.So what are the pros and cons of this type of television?

  • Firstly, the main advantage of such programs is that users have a wide range of features that will make watching your favorite programs enjoyable and comfortable.It is a user-defined functions such as rewind, record and pauses any television.In addition, the opportunity to display the TV program guide, and provides integration with the most popular social networks.
  • Second, a technical capacity.The image is striking for its quality, especially in the broadcast HD-channels.The picture is clear, has no glare and other interference.
  • Third, there is an opportunity to have an interactive TV, even in the absence of a standard connection.In this case, providers are using the telephone line (the technology ADSL).

Cons interactive TV

Talking about the pros and cons of television, it should be noted and obvious shortcomings.

  • To broadcast channels requires a special STB-top box.Its cost is 3 thousand rubles.In some cases, the price reaches 10 thousand, depending on the provider.Buy in the store at the cost of the impossible.The only thing that can offer operators - the purchase of equipment in installments by 12, 24 or 36 months.In this case, the monthly payment will include the cost of set-top boxes - from 100 rubles and above.
  • to control the attachment, an additional control that can be useful not for everyone.
  • If the telephone line low throughput, there is a risk that an application for connection will be rejected.

Satellite TV

great popularity among residents of Russia enjoys satellite TV.Today there are a large number of operators providing similar services, ranging from the "Tricolor TV" and ending with "NTV-Plus".What are the pros and cons concluded the satellite TV?

  • available.If interactive TV can be connected under certain conditions, the satellite TV is available to each user without restrictions.
  • colossal set of channels.The choice of an audience granted to more than 100 channels, and there is an additional opportunity to connect thematic catalogs.
  • clear picture, especially when connecting HD-TV.

Cons satellite TV

Modern TV, its pros and cons in general converge, regardless of the transmission technology.However, satellite TV has slightly different limitations.So, it should be said that in bad weather, during a storm or heavy cloud cover, may lose the signal sent from the satellite.This is the reason that under such conditions, television viewing is impossible.This problem is solved independently, after the adverse weather conditions.

telling about satellite and cable TV, the pros and cons of these methods of broadcasting, do not forget about such a general shortage as the disappearance of channels from the list, or their usual coding.We solve this problem by means perenastraivaniya frequency signal.

Digital TV

To date, the Russian Federation launched a program that aims to replace the analog signal to a digital TV.Holders of the TV, which installed the digital receiver can browse through a conventional antenna up to 20 channels.For those who do not have such a possibility, we developed special equipment - receiver.After installation of the device even in the most remote corners of Russia an opportunity to watch their favorite channels.Pros and cons of this type of television are as follows:

  • image has a high resolution and good sharpness.
  • When watching TV there is no interference.
  • No subscription fee.20 channels are provided completely free of charge, regardless of the region view.
  • Easy setup and no additional conditions for the operation.

Cons digital TV

Talking about the pros and cons of digital television, with particular attention to the shortcomings of the technology.

  • In some cases, may appear friezes.This problem is related to the deterioration of signal interference or thunderstorm.
  • restrictions.Digital TV offers the ability to view only 20 free channels.Anything over that is provided for a certain subscriber monthly fee after purchasing special equipment.

  • disparate ratio.It is often seen that when watching certain TV channels appear on the sides of the vertical or horizontal frame.This is due to the fact that in Russia there is no single parameter broadcasting.Thus, some channels are broadcast in 16: 9 resolution, and some - in a format peculiar to the old equipment (4: 3).