Corporal punishment as a form of physical and mental violence

Corporal punishment is considered to be one of the most ancient types of man's responsibility for misconduct.Ancient people did not know of such sciences as pedagogy, and criminal law as such was not.Beating could punish the offender, a thief, a hated man.It is split on chlenovreditelnye corporal punishment - mutilation of human organs or amputation, such as cutting off the hands, feet, eye gouging, tearing his nostrils and lips, castration;painful - delivering pain by beating with rods, whip, stick (common in ancient times were pillories to which the offender was tied and flogged with rods);osramlyayuschie - this type of corporal punishment differs from others in that the infliction of pain fades into the background.The main goal was to embarrass the person.

corporal punishment in schools

world probably does not know the country, which would have practiced corporal punishment in school, more than England.Even in the medieval schools of beating children was the main punishment among teachers.Students come to school immediately faced with the beating.Founded in 1440 Eton College, the teacher who practiced brutal beating even collected money to buy the rod.Parents passed half a guinea in addition to their studies, that children were purchased weapons training.

Director College 1534-1543 biennium Nicholas Yewdall famous for his cruelty among students.It turns out he was getting sexual pleasure, producing beating children.Corporal punishment is carried out not only because of their own anger or uncontrollable temper teachers, but because of the orthodoxy rods.They replaced the then pedagogy have been popularly accepted method of education.

Once, during a plague, students Eton College announced the need to smoke to protect themselves from the disease.One student was brutally beaten for disobedience (smoking cessation).Director sadistic Yewdall removed from office for abusive behavior towards the students, but he did not sit for a long time unemployed.Soon Nicholas Yewdall headed another, no less popular college - Westminster.

Director of Eton College in 1809-1834 gg John Keith from using corporal punishment has achieved excellent discipline.Children perceive beating not as shameful mockery of teachers, as well as punishment for an unsuccessful attempt to deceive seniors.Children perceive corporal punishment from China to honor some of the boys even boasted of them in front of their classmates.In every yard, where students live, a place for standing beatings.Boys filmed pants and shorts, climbed the scaffold, getting his knees up the steps, and went belly on a log.In this position, the place was enough to beat, so the blows fell not only on the fifth point.

history of corporal punishment

In ancient Greek and Roman state corporal punishment applied only to slaves.They could beat, to kill, to change, because their life was worth nothing in those days.The history of corporal punishment in Russia reached its peak in the era of serfdom.Defenseless people were subjected to torture for the slightest mistake or even for no reason at all, if there was a noble sentiment.Russian writer Radishchev spoke strongly against corporal punishment, as equality before the law must be accompanied by a civilized society.In response to it, Prince MM Shcherbatov expressed his opinion on this issue.He said that corporal punishment should not be stopped completely, but they should be applied only to the serfs and ordinary citizens, but not to the nobles.