Knights of the Round Table: "The Power - this is not justice, justice - this is a strength."

a child at night, we told the parents different folk tales about animals, good and bad people.But in England, a man laughed at if he does not know who the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.Since childhood, the inhabitants of this country instill a love of the famous exploits of English knights.If our children in a child playing war and present themselves Alyosha Popovich and Ilya Muromets, the English beat artificial swords, introducing himself Lancelot and Arthur.

"Strength - this is not justice, justice - this is a strength."

How it all began?According to legend, in which reality is mixed with fiction, the Knights of the Round Table trace their history from kornoulskogo Castle Tintagel.According to legend, there lived a brave knight with his wife Igren Gorlua, which won its beauty King Uther Pendragon.Not being able to fall in love with a woman, the king resorted to charms and asks for help wizard Merlin, who lived back in time.He turned to the exterior appearance of Uther Gorlua.And only then he made arrangement girl, and soon from their relationship was born a boy, who was named Arthur.Even before the birth he was destined to be a courageous and wise king, because of his birth, he took care of a wizard.The famous knight and his wife settled in the castle Guenever Kamelott.It was there that the Knights of the Round Table has incorporated for the first time.The idea followed the example of the Lord's Supper.King Arthur intended to do honor, dignity and exploits the main feature of the kingdom.Gathered at a round table, they have decided questions about the kingdom, it was a kind of legislative, executive and judicial power.

Renunciation of Honour

not destined Arthur's kingdom for a long time to stay a model of generosity.First knight Tristan fell in love with the wife of the Irish king Mark - Isolde, and later Arthur suffered from the failure of love.One of the knights Lancelot kindled hot feeling to Guinevere, who told him.Arthur was able to carry through the nobility of life, not lost his, even in this situation, showing that example for others.On the relations of Lancelot and Guinevere knew all the knights of the Round Table, but Arthur was silent, so as not to provoke the destruction of brotherhood.It turns out that not all of the knights were so noble and worthy of the title.Modred convinced Arthur to go hunting in the hope that the meeting will appoint beloved.And so it happened, but an insidious Modred did not stop and burst into the bedroom to Guinevere.Learning of this Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, were forced to react.Their sentence was cruel: his unfaithful wife to burn at the stake.Guinevere was tied to a stake, the executioner was ready and waiting for the order of Arthur, but he hesitated.And finally, there was Lancelot, Guinevere who stole.It is this isolation and waited for Arthur.As a result, the brotherhood had to march to the Franks, and the same Modred advantage of the absence of Arthur and decided to seize power.On hearing this, the king immediately turned his army home.Near the river Komblan took fierce battle between Arthur and Modredom, which killed many glorious knights.Modred Arthur was also killed, but before he died he managed to wound the king.Lying near the river, Arthur the knight asked Bodivera throw it Komblan sword to the sword died along with his master, and no one could tarnish his renunciation of honor, injustice and meanness.Out of the river a woman's hand, which took the famous sword.Arutra noble life ended not less noble death.

Where truth and fiction?

Now there is much debate about the existence of Arthur and his knights.Were the Knights of the Round Table in fact such noble as they draw now and existed at all these people?Many castles, such as Tintagel, the birthplace of Arthur, still exists, though from them there were only ruins.The documents of that time, too, confirm the existence of Arthur, Lancelot and the other knights.But were they really so noble - is unknown, and what a difference.The main thing is that the beautiful legend carries instructive sense and the Knights of the Round Table are equal to all young people.