"Miracles" with exposure

famous illusionist Hmayak Hakobyan looked the other day another transmission about psychics on TV, and Russia ... could not resist.He decided to expose the charlatans and expressed his opinion about the "miracles" told "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Miracle 1

Uri Geller, turning trusts Tatyana Lazareva and Natalia Botchkareva shove precious necklace in one of 11 identical boxes.The boxes are numbered and mixed.Mr. Geller offers viewers to call and guess where the treasure is.All we missed.Then Uri one by one kicks the box and just under 11-set tiebreak touches - "I felt" there necklace.

Hmayak Hakobyan:

- This banal framed.The subject is put in that box, which had agreed.Either assistant tells the number of the box.About code hints, and a lot of them, have agreed in advance.For example, the number 11 - a two finger down and 2 - thumbs up.The basis of the numerical code often take a clockwise circle.And finally, it may simply be marked box.Nothing to do with clairvoyance is not allowed.I know all the magicians who participate in the program.

Miracle 2

Anatoly Nemeth, an expert "on the vibrations," shows all the terrible wolf trap.Calls on the scene Tatiana Vedeneyev and shows her excellent traps work - say, all without deception.Then, in one of five identical boxes hidden trap, in others - a rose.Tatyana, not knowing where it is, each table with a box of numbers and supposedly under the influence of suggestion conceived trap hangs on a psychic figure.Then the psychic tells her to climb a hand in the box and stops when the box trap.

Hmayak Hakobyan:

- Do you think that she really could tear off his hand?Just imagine!Neither Tanya Vedeneyeva nor the organizers of the show would not take such a risk.The star knows that it does not happen.Even if the box is not checked, then the trap is detected by means of a magnet.And then there are stunt traps - I once bought in Japan for a parody.It really only works for the first time, and then he slams harmlessly.But here it is not even necessary.

Miracle 3

On stage portrait of the Mona Lisa of the puzzles.Not enough smiles.In Botchkareva and wind two packages of the same, but staffed puzzles.We need to pull out of them smile.When prompted by the actors from the audience turns puzzles pulled from the bag, but wrong.And just a hint "Intuit" Sergei Shchukin works - Natalya pulls smile.

Hmayak Hakobyan:

- It's all in double bags.They may be opaque or transparent.In one branch sprinkled different puzzles, and the second - the same, for example, "smile".At the right moment the hand enters the compartment with the "correct" puzzles.I show the same trick, but with a note.In a secret compartment I have is a handful with the right answer.

Miracle 4

Helen Wyman - in the role of Cleopatra.In one of the five baskets thrust cobra, another - the clock.Stand with baskets unwound so that no one remembers where the snake, and where the clock is.Holding on to the shoulder master clock,
Cleopatra opens the basket, takes out the clock, and throws a snake on the floor.

Hmayak Hakobyan:

- Well, very boring - all on the same basis.This old trick show street fakirs in India for a pretty penny.I did it back in the 80s.First, take an old and toothless cobra.Baskets with the same kind, but weave pattern on the cover of one of them differs.Round snake plant.Then you need to play the show.I'm still in this case, blindfolded bandage that has a curtain - it is blatantly one-hand moves to his ear, and I see everything.The viewer is imperceptible.Even in the cover can be metal, and hours on a hand juggler - magnet.

Miracle 5

M. Dmitry Fugue in samurai robe shows the audience what his sharp sword.Then he manages to lock Gennady Vetrov in the box.The rest of the boxes (there are over five, all of them with holes in the top) placed watermelons.So, stick watermelon four holes, and the fifth - the head humorist.Covered with foil, they do not differ.Then Fugue blindfolded cuts everything except, of course, the head.

Hmayak Hakobyan:

- Yeah, only a madman puts out his head and say yes Ruby!Yuri Vetrov - not Mary Stuart on the scaffold.And the singer for two hundred percent sure where he sticks his head Vetrov and where watermelon.It's like a trap.Plus metal sword, which responds to the magnet in the box or on the magnet arm and responds to the foil.But I think that everything is easier and there is a head frame.This kind of stunt shows, even a child.
understand what a sadness when you go to a performance illusionist, you go to the tale, you give yourself to surprise the art of focus, but no you is not cheating.And this show is supposed psychics and telepaths rests on three pillars: a bluff, deceit and framed.Plus advertising man sensation!

Articles Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda