Zemsky Sobor.

Zemsky Sobor - this is an important stage in the development of Russia.Veche orders existed in our country always, but there have been periods when all independence of the Koran.And he revived the possibility of collecting most of the estates Ivan the Terrible.

Zemsky Sobor included representatives of the following classes: Boyar Duma, whose members took part in the Zemsky Sobor in full;Holy Synod, were from only the highest church hierarchy;elected by the serving people, and the Moscow city nobility, archers, Cossacks and gunners;elected representatives of the urban population (chernososhnye and suburban) and hundreds of cloth and a living room.Cathedral of the first convocation was called "Cathedral of reconciliation."

first Zemsky Sobor was convened to acquaint participants of the meeting with the reforms of the new body of Ivan the Terrible - Selected Rada.As you know, the reforms include the establishment of Parliament Strelets troops, introduction of a new Code of Laws, as well as the development mandative system and strengthen the central government.

Over time, the functions of estate-representative body also evolved.So, by the end of the 16th century, the participants of the meeting were given the right to approve accession to the throne a new monarch.In those years, it was decided to obtain the approval of the new rulers of the people, which is expressed and Zemsky Sobor.

history of this body is multifaceted: there were times when his role was completely lost, and there were those when the veil on his decision the fate of the state.Time of Troubles is a prime example of the latter period.

Major Zemsky Sobor

first council was convened in the Red Square, and then moved to the House of Assembly of the Kremlin.Since the mid-16th to the end of the 17th century there were about 50 meetings, of which there are those who have changed the course of history of our country.

Council in 1589 approved a controversial nominee to the throne of Boris Godunov.Rumors of his involvement in the Uglich drama, there were many, but he, oddly enough, was approved by the elected officials.The most famous and largest is the Zemsky Sobor in 1613, which was held in the Assumption Cathedral.

As is known, the cathedral has approved a new dynasty on the Russian throne and brought to power a young Mikhail Romanov.It is worth noting that in his reign the young king constantly convened these meetings to solve various problems.The meeting was convened in the years 1632/1634 to address the issue of the war with Poland.At this time, set a new "war" tax - fifths money.The meeting was convened by the 1648/1649 years after the sudden outbreak of Salt Riot in Moscow.It discussed the problem of obsolete legislation.

It was then that the decision was made on implementation of the Council Code - a new body of law in Russia.Last Zemsky Sobor was convened in 1653.At this meeting it was decided to join the Cossack troops and the Ukraine into Russia.

value in the history of

Zemsky Sobor initiated the formation of the caste representative of the monarchy in Russia.But the growth of absolutist tendencies in subsequent monarchs considerably weakened the role of the body.