Founding of St. Petersburg: the historical facts

Officially, the year of St. Petersburg - 1703 (23rd May).Some historical sources is dated May 16 and it's not a bug, but a date according to the old calendar.Until 1914 the town was called St. Petersburg, then called Petrograd and Leningrad.Its historic name of St. Petersburg, only six returned in September 1991.

of St. Petersburg was marked by the erection of the fortress in 1703 by Peter the Great, which was called St Peter Burj.

She was laid on Ingermaland land which won the Swedes.

author of the project of the fortress - the tsar Peter the Great.

Northern capital and became known by the name of the fortress, which she gave Peter the Great in honor of the Apostle Peter.

After the house was built of wood for Peter, whose walls are painted under a brick.

The modern Petrograd side of the city began to grow in the short term.After a couple of months, the first temple was built, which was called Trinity.

Founding of St. Petersburg, but rather a bookmark fortress coincided with the feast of the Holy Trinity, which is why the first church, and got its name.Trinity Square, where there was a cathedral, was the first marina to which the moored ships.It was here that he built the first restaurant and courtyard seating.

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In addition, it housed the military units, craft villages, as well as office buildings.New Rabbit island on which was located the fortress were connected by a drawbridge.After a short period of time and the opposite coast of Neva and Vasilevsky Island began to be built.

of St. Petersburg to Tsar Peter the Great has become something similar to Amsterdam, which he treated as something special.The town was originally called in the Dutch style - St. Peter-Burj.After two decades, he has received the current official name.It should be noted that already in 1712 to St. Petersburg from Moscow moved the royal court, and for him, and other official institutions.After that, the entire Russian Empire moved to St. Petersburg, which for nearly two centuries was its capital.That is why today it is called the northern capital of Russia.

founding of St. Petersburg, which is associated with the construction of the fortress, had a special meaning.The first buildings of the city were overlapping sleeves of the delta of two rivers - the Neva and Big Nevka.Already in 1704 it was built on the island of Kotlin Kronstadt fortress.Its purpose was to protect Russian sea borders.It is worth noting that both the fortress played a fairly large role in the history of St. Petersburg, and in the whole history of the Russian Empire.

of St. Petersburg was of great importance.Peter, founding the city on the Neva River, pursued a very important strategic goal.In the first place, providing a waterway from the Russian Empire to Western Europe.In addition, the important role played by commercial port, located on the opposite side of the fortress, on Vasilyevsky Island.