Let's learn about what unions

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If you have the desire to learn what unions from the legislative point of view, it is necessary to refer first of all to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.In the first part of it (art. 129) states that associations or unions are non-profit organizations based on compulsory or voluntary membership.They are created to protect the interests of various kinds, to achieve the objectives are not contrary to law.This purpose of the association or union can not pursue profit.

What unions for those who enter into them?Almost always, member states must carry out any actions specified by the charter of the association (to participate in the creation of the property, to meet the financial and other kinds of documents, pay fees).But they are not responsible for his actions of his possessions.Although the law (or the same statute) may provide for such liability.Union itself responsible for its obligations with all its assets.

addition of the Civil Code, details of what unions, what their function, the procedure for their formation and functioning is reflected in the various regulations.For example, the law "On Noncommercial Organizations» (№ 7-FZ, adopted in 1996 (January 12)), in legislation governing the registration of legal entities (Federal Law number 129, issued in 2001 (08 of August)).There are also a number of industry documents, which are created according to the consumer, charities, public unions (associations).

For example, the Union of Russian Paratroopers is a union by profession soldiers, veterans, who served or are serving in the airborne troops, Marines, special forces, as well as those who have suffered in local conflicts, catastrophes, etc.. The organization was registered in 2003.It was founded by a number of foundations and national and inter-regional organizations ("Union of paratroopers," "Union Heroes of the Russian Federation", the organization of people with disabilities "Chernobylets" organization Marines "Typhoon and so on.).

also in our country are well known Artists' Union and the Union of Architects of Russia.Last strengthen contacts with architects in other countries, helps to preserve the architectural heritage, exploring the history and development of architectural craft, protects society from non-professionals in the field of urban planning and so forth. To join the members of the union can only person who has the appropriate education, high professional level of work experienceespecially from three years and is also involved in social and other activities.

addition to domestic associations, there are international unions, most of the activities are regulated by a separate document.For example, in 1999 (February 26) was issued a contract on the Customs Union (and the common economic space).According to this document, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have been an effective internal market for goods, labor, services and capital, uniform energy, transport systems, to carry out concerted customs, trade, fiscal, monetary and other policies.The principles of non-discrimination, profitable relationships, equality, responsibility for the liabilities - that's what the unions at this level.That is what they have to carry the countries included in them.