How to prepare for the sacrament?

worthy to partake of the Holy Sacrament, you need to prepare.This process involves not only outside, but also hidden inside.You need to know and comply with the conditions of participation in this sacrament.How to prepare for the sacrament?

Ignorance - not an excuse

outer side of the preparation is known to most people.First, be sure to be on the eve of the sacrament of confession on.In the apt words of one of the famous scholars, a clear conscience testifies short memory.Or ignorance of the practical meaning of the commandment, and inattention to itself.Confessing is necessary not only acts but also mental sins.That is the dream of another man's wife, even if you are a woman seen on TV - it is a sin.

Formal rules

well as external training involves refraining from entertainment, that is three days before the sacrament can not go to the movies, take part in the festivities, watch the entertainment.The "Unseen Warfare" is offered not even interested in "what is happening in other realms: the coup and the events," that is, in modern terms, the news.Of course, the Internet also need to avoid sites with entertainment content.What is it to keep and what to eliminate - it's a matter of conscience of the future communicant.It is necessary to abstain three days from the animal food and sexual relations, as well as to read carefully following of communion and canons.Good is also the case of mercy, help with money or business need.Help parents, children and friends is also considered!

only voluntarily

But there are also internal training, which includes several conditions.How to properly prepare for the sacrament?First, the cup can be approached only if you feel the need.This is called "condition thirst for God."That is a son (age 7 years), which is pushing for communion too "pious" mother likely Communion unworthily.That is, the action should be voluntary.

PEACEFUL no place at the bowl

How to prepare for the sacrament to be worthy?It is very important to come to terms with all those with whom you are at loggerheads.At least take the first step.If you do not forgive, but you sincerely regret what happened and are ready to make amends, after the confession, in which you repent, ask the priest for permission to partake in his state.

Lifestyle believer

How to prepare for communion, to feel the joy of being with God in their entirety?Enter daily routine reading of the Gospel and church literature.Her lot is free, you can even check out online without downloading.And the book was published a huge amount.And try to find a spiritual father to be able to receive advice in disputed situations.

How to prepare children for communion?Kids up to 7 years to confess necessarily.While older preschoolers, you can talk a little bit before the communion with the priest.Infants can drink milk when they put it on the schedule of feedings.Rules for kids are very flexible.But 7 years the child should be prepared fully.