What is pile-foundation rostverkovy

Many people know that the most popular and widespread in the individual construction is a belt or columnar-strip foundations.And these types of foundations operate perfectly on heaving soils and slabopuchinistyh.It is the latter type of foundation is called rostverkovy pile foundation.Its use in the construction has several advantages with respect to other types of foundations.Firstly, when the equipment such foundation significantly reduces the complexity and thus cost of operation.In addition, when placing the tape over the ground foundation concrete consumption is markedly reduced due to the lack of bookmarks in the ground cushion the foundation.In addition, the second reason for the pile foundation rosverkovy better than the rest - the heat loss is reduced by decreasing the area of ​​contact with the frozen ground grillage.And in the third of this type of equipment in the basement due to the characteristics of the connection supports a whole raft vibration isolation system acquires properties that come in handy when the location of the building, near, railway or highway roads.

What is the pile-foundation rostverkovy? Firstly, you should know that the concept of grillage translated from German as the phrase "grid" and "structure."In reality, it is part of the foundation, which is a plate or a beam that combines driving head portion and serves as a support structure for the remaining elements of all buildings erected.

In general, the whole system consists of the following components: foundation piles (their number is determined by the anticipated final weight of the entire structure of the house);reinforcing cage for the raft foundation (using ready-made designs of RC is performed);directly the raft foundation (its height can range from 20 to 40 cm and a width of 20 to 60 cm);and to the system as the foundation include the internal piles are located in the center of the perimeter of the home and serve as the basis for the interior walls of the building.

rostverkovy pile-foundation can be equipped with two types of piles: Printed and bored piles.Although it is sometimes still used, and the single piles are installed as a support for the colony.

Besides the type of interaction with the ground divided into piles pile-stand, and hanging piles.The first type of piles retaining structure due upiranie in stronger layers of soil, and in the second pile holds its position by the friction of the ground side surfaces.

as grillages can be equipped with both monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs and structures.Pile foundations with monolithic grillage , usually equipped with a reinforcing frame, which is brewed from the valve box and serves to improve the strength and ductility characteristics of the whole foundation of the whole.But precast concrete foundations are not equipped with optional frame, as it is already included in the design of grillage made at the factory.The only thing that these structures are joined together during installation on the building site.

During the construction of the wooden panel house, or pile-rostverkovy foundation must be at least 40 - 60 cm. This height should provide high flexural stiffness parameters and separate wooden house construction from moisture from the ground.Width thus depends mainly on the design of the wall elements and the bottom slab.

A stone in the construction of the house foundation pile rostverkovy dozhzhen be at least 20 cm. The width should be determined by the thickness of the wall.In this case, the main purpose is to bring grillage supports one support structure on which to build the wall.And the raft foundation design should ensure reliable retention of the weight of the first rows of masonry.Since the construction of the stone walls of the wall itself already has a high flexural stiffness parameters.