How to determine the direction of light without a compass using the available tools?

knowledge navigation came to the people long ago.When there was absolutely no technologies that people already know how to determine the direction of light without a compass.To be able to do this was a very important procedure starting with the same time as the human race has become necessary to move, build structures, in a word, to perform tasks and solve problems directly associated with the direction.And even today, the ability to determine the compass will not be superfluous, since there are many circumstances that require it.

Determine the side of the world with the help of nature

Nowadays, even the availability of GPS is sometimes useless if the receiver is out of reach for the satellites (deep underground, for example).Also part of such receiver may not be at hand.In this situation, the problem of how to determine the direction of light without a compass can decide the nature.

There are plants that have been provisionally named compass.Their peculiarity is that they are able to have their leaves along the meridian, so that their edges look to the north and south.Such a "compass" plant grows in Russia.It is a wild lettuce, it can be often found in gardens as a weed.

One of the most proven ways on how to determine the direction of light without a compass using the natural phenomena - a survey of the trees, ant-hills, rocks, or the night sky.The trees that love the heat, branches and leaves most grows on the southern side.Ants erect their nests so that they slope slightly longer from the south and from the north is shorter.Moss prefers to grow on the north side of stone or wood.The well-known North Star, which is located near the constellation Ursa Major, also shines on the north side.She is bright and more noticeable among the other stars and clusters.

two ways to determine the cardinal points using the available tools

Nature often presents unpleasant surprises.Nearby there may not be any compass plants, no trees, no ant or even moss, and the sky, and all can be overcast.How to determine the direction of light without a compass in such a case?Very simple.We use the analog clocks or needle and magnet.

1. Cardinal bounds defined simply.At any time before 6 pm direct the small arrow at the sun (it is worth noting that, even through the clouds often seen it), then the devil in mind the angle between it and the 2-hour mark dial, divide it in half, ie,We find bisector.She points to the south.

2. Take a container of water (ideally suitable dish), put in a floating small flat object (a sheet of wood, or a piece of polyethylene foam), magnetized needle by means of friction on the magnet or wool (it is possible even on the hair, but it is ineffective) and put it on top of the floating object.The needle will tend to the north, while it is magnetized.So you get a kind of compass.

Thus, using the above methods of finding one of the cardinal points, the rest is easy to learn.Looking north, the east would be the right, west - left the south - at the rear.