Promote young employee: Tips supervisor

Suppose a young employee having a conversation with your boss about career decided to start your way to the top.As was to be the chief, who believes the young woman capable of coming in the next few months?Perhaps emu should take the following steps:

1. offer a woman a few different kinds of jobs in order to determine in what areas it is strongest: in planning, organization, budgeting, negotiating, developing new ideas, etc..

2. With "critical" jobs to put it in terms of time pressure, in order to determine how it reacts to load and ready in such cases to work overtime, and personal interests to subordinate the interests of the company.

3. If it fails, together with her to find out why this failure occurred.Perhaps the employee does not have enough knowledge and skills to perform this particular task.Otherwise, he should praise her accomplishments and regularly discuss with her her success for her to know whether the right way it is.

4. supports young employee, and understand with the utmost clarity the following: as long as it achieves good results, as the leader, he will support it.

5. Show that supports this employee just because of the good results, which it reached, and only because of this.

6. To prepare her for promotion to middle management level to give her the opportunity to attend special courses that she learned to make decisions, to hold meetings, to criticize subordinates and others.

7. about after a year of probation again holdinterview with her to help her finally decide what it wants to achieve, working in the company: Does watching and human affairs, marketing, or to work in the marketing department.

8. Pre leader must understand for themselves the following questions: What are my plans for this employee?Do I want to take her in my team at my promotions (perhaps at the level of the board of the company)?Then I gradually introduce it to the tasks (which can be viewed as a pre-workout), included in the responsibilities of leadership next level.

Author: Anna V. Torshin