Finishing materials for office

Before you choose finishing materials for the walls, floor and ceiling of the office, it must be remembered that the office - a working space, the walls of which are "subject to" external influences.Therefore, to finish washable cover recommended (fiberglass, vinyl wallpaper, etc.).

Recently, foreign practice began to use decorative polyurethane varnish, which offer unprecedented opportunities clearance surfaces: marble, mottled, with the "trembling" with water drops.This finish, picks up on any taste, gives the room a unique image.

original and attractive finish marble looks very noble, the coating often indistinguishable from natural stone.For such an effect on the composition of the prepared surface is sprayed desired shade.It will be the same color marble divorce.Then, without intermediate grinding the dried surface of the large irregular droplets applied to the second tone - it will flecks.The easiest way to put them through a nozzle with large holes under low pressure (0.5-1.0 bar).The basis here, too, is a polyurethane varnish, tinted to match the marble.

Another equally striking finishes - "a drop of water on the wall."For this unusual surface is important, first of all, it is technically competent to perform the work.The primer surface coating composition PUR Color Siegel pitch.On this layer spray sprayed droplets of pure water.The surface at the finishing works must be fixed horizontally to not drop flowed and formed a grid.Then, a drop of "clouding".For this taken PUR Color Siegel such hue that stands out well on the main backdrop, otherwise not be able to create the impression of spaciousness.This layer is sprayed through a small nozzle under low pressure so that the spray was directed almost parallel to the treated surface.Blurring is best obtained from a spray intended for patination.After this, the surface should dry until complete evaporation of the droplets.In no case can not be sanded smooth or coated, it will ruin the whole effect.
recommended to apply a clear gloss varnish: he not only smooth out the small irregularities, but also protect the surface of the droplets from the external influences.

If space allows the office to protect the wall surface from external influences is used decorative panel-board (width 30-35 cm).It strengthened at a height of 75-80 cm from the floor.The space between the wall and the panel used for lining boxes with various communications.

Laminate or parquet - the most appropriate for the floor material colors which depends on the overall decor of the room.

to the ceiling, in addition to traditional coatings, today it is possible to apply the suspension and tension variations that carry not only a beautiful decorative qualities, but also can be functional.This refers to the light, soft diffused light which does not exclude self-illumination of each workplace.

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