The discovery of Antarctica and the puzzle of this interesting continent

Man has always thought of himself as the master of the earth and wanted to know about his "home" as much as possible.Remote countries and unexplored places beckoned to her scholars of all time.Russian mariners F. Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev was lucky to make the discovery of Antarctica, the legend of the existence of which had lived for many centuries.January 27, 1820, they approached the coast of Antarctica, and were impressed by its endless expanse of ice.This event went down in history as the most significant achievement in the field of world geography.

In February 1821 a team of seafarers led by Captain John Davis made the first landing on the icy continent.Travelers held in harsh conditions on the mainland throughout the winter, they managed to save only in the summer.Many historians do not believe this fact, because Antarctica is the most inaccessible areas.

The first assumption is that there is a sixth continent, trying to confirm the English navigator James Cook.However, he swam to the mainland and argued that go farther south than he did it, it is impossible.Therefore, attempts to track down the mysterious land at the time stopped, and the discovery of Antarctica was held almost 40 years later.

Some researchers believe that the story of the discovery of Antarctica began early 19th century.There is an assumption that in ancient times people knew of the existence of the ice continent.One of the mysteries of the continent is considered to be a theory about the lives of ancient peoples in what is now Antarctica.This theory holds that ancient geographers learned about Antarctica from "antarktov" - the inhabitants of the southern continent.

Plato argued that Antarctica was inhabited before the freezing people.Their assumption is based on the ancient Greek philosopher texts and descriptions of ancient Egyptian civilization.These people Plato attributed magical powers and extensive knowledge of the origin of the universe.Not only it knows whether it's just a theory or conjecture, and accurate information, but the fact that in ancient writings mention the existence of the sixth continent - a fact.

discovery of Antarctica revived many mysteries and myths.Studying the ancient navigators maps, the scientists concluded that Antarctica was not previously covered by ice, and climate on the mainland was soft.Ancient mariners were these maps using even older sources, the origin of which is still unknown.

American researchers who study the proposed Atlantis noticed that the outlines of Atlantis and Antarctica are very similar.We can assume that under the ice hides a mysterious Atlantis.

discovery of Antarctica - a significant event in the history of the world finds.Since the opening has passed about two hundred years, but to learn about this continent we were able to quite a bit.Antarctica keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, generated by human imagination.What is there under the ice, is still unknown.Yes, and the processes occurring on the surface of the continent, and have not been studied.One can only speculate on the basis of a very distant and vague testimony of modern devices.We can only hope that the mysteries of Antarctica one day be solved.However, we can say with certainty that the mystery will be enough for many generations to come.