What is an aphrodisiac, and how does it work?

There are wonderful feeling - love.In some, it occurs instantly, like a flash of light at the lightning, while others develop slowly and gradually.Anyway, love arose between man and a woman leads to a relationship, and above them are known to work.If this is not done, the fervor begins to ebb slowly, lost passion, life and routine of catching boredom, displacing all the good and leaving only the habit of people to each other.However, few people want to feeling "come to naught", and therefore try to improve their personal lives.There are many ways how to do it.One of them - the use of aphrodisiacs.

Some may ask, in general, that is an aphrodisiac?The history of the name itself is very simple: it was coined in honor of the goddess of love - Aphrodite.Thus, aphrodisiacs are substances that stimulate the libido.These include some spices and condiments, as well as natural products of both animal and vegetable origin.

interested in the question, what is an aphrodisiac, you can see that it can be used not only inside.So, in addition to food, there are also synthetic substances that enhance sexual desire.They can be inhaled (smoking exciting mix), rub into the skin (cream for massage, essential oils) or smell (scented candles and sticks).

For a long time people are wondering what is an aphrodisiac?Lighteners love at all times worthy of attention and respect.Today their use is especially important.Constant stress, overwork, the accumulated fatigue, poor environment, unhealthy diets and "frantic" pace of life - all contribute to the deterioration of sexual life.The modern way of life deprived of it as power and desire for sex.That is why such high hopes for the products that stimulate erotic inspiration.

When it becomes clear that such an aphrodisiac, and want to know its mode of action.Many scientists have devoted a lot of time studying this issue.As a result, it was found that the composition of aphrodisiac contains substances that trigger a series of biochemical reactions in the body, resulting in increased agitation, appear sexual fantasies, and increased sensory perception erogenous, renewed sexual performance and energy, feelings become more acute.Thanks to these substances a person begins to feel more liberated, shows the breadth of its erotic potential and get much more enjoyment.Known fact that aphrodisiacs can help even with frigidity, low potency and rapid ejaculation (affect the duration of sexual intercourse).

main action erotic materials is to stimulate the production of sex hormones in the body.In addition, they are rich in vitamin-mineral complex and normalize metabolism, which is good for the whole organism completely.

substances that trigger sexual arousal, not only relax, but also has a rejuvenating, restorative and regenerative effect.However, be aware that not all the "love products" are different people in the same way.They even divided into male and female.Thus, the most famous female aphrodisiacs - vanilla, red wine, melon, cinnamon, mango, avocado, sage, lemon balm, honey.There are many others, there are about 70 species.Men aphrodisiac, of course, prevail.It is hard to count all the products that cause sexual desire in the stronger sex.The most common among them bananas, mussels, oysters, nutmeg and basil.Rumors about the beneficial effects of absinthe in the sex drive of men.However, this assertion is debatable, sinceThis drink is very bad.In general, the choice is yours.Experiment and enjoy each other!