The origin of the solar system

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solar system is unique, and its origins - is not currently open to the end of the mystery, although scientists many centuries trying to reproduce a picture of her creation.We can only accept or reject the modern point of view on the origin of the solar system, but for humanity it is still many more centuries will be a puzzle.However, there are several scientific hypotheses about its origin, which we will cover in this article.

German philosopher Kant in the XVIII century suggested that the solar system formed from a cloud of numerous cold particles that are in constant motion and chaotic.Another scientist, a Frenchman Laplace, in 1796, suggested that the origin of the solar system due to the constantly rotating nebula entirely of gas.

Despite many theories unequivocally adopted well-known fact: the bulk of the system - the Sun and the planets, which are located around it, rotating in the same direction around their axes at the same time around the world.

Today, scientists agree that the most likely origin of the solar system due to the mass of gas and dust low temperature, that is the initial cloud revolving around the sun.Particles in this cloud is gradually distributed, forming disks, the thickness of which was a thousand times smaller than their diameter.Being in constant motion, a larger particle size attracted the smaller ones.This has contributed to the formation of large bodies, ie planets.

Earth, or rather its mass increased, according to the calculations of scientists, hundreds of millions of years.Initially, the surface was very cold, and began to heat up only by the action of radioactive elements is believed experts.Scientists studying the origins of the solar system, believe that this has led to the fact that the bowels of the earth melted.This heavier elements formed the core of the Earth and the lighter - surface layer, or cortex.In the same way was the formation of satellites of the planet.

interesting hypotheses about the origin of the solar system, scientists expressed different at all times.In particular, the English astronomer Hoyle argues that the Sun at birth was a bundle of gas-dust nebula in which there was a magnetic field.First, he moved with great speed, and later because of the influence of the magnetic field rotation of the beginning of his decline.

Another interesting theory was proposed by Schmidt.Scientists maintain that the medium that is used for the formation of planets is a fragment of an interstellar cloud of gas and dust mixture.It as a result of the chaotic particle collisions produced numerous condensation.Major education gradually increase in size and become more dense.That is his opinion formed "germ" of future planets.Strokes, which occur when they collide, contribute to the fact that their orbits are similar to a circle, and in time their movement around the sun becomes sustainable.

Solar System and its origin is studied in many well-known institutions in the world.International congresses held annually in the program include mandatory discussion of this issue and the discussions have repeatedly attended by leading Russian experts from the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

-depth study on "The Solar System and its origin is" an important place, and the means for their implementation are allocated from the state budget.At some point, and thanks to the tireless work of scientists will open slightly the veil of secrecy that the Earth's population could learn more about the origins of our amazing planet.