Motorcycle "Ural Wolf": technical specifications, photos

difficult to find domestic motorcycle, which would be its appearance looks not only lures passers-by, but also experienced bikers.This difficulty is the almost complete lack of models with beautiful exterior design.But one brave bike began to destroy this humiliating fact.Do not iron the bike, and the wolf.To be more precise, the "Ural-wolf."Elegant chopper for his short years the issue has not managed to melt the heart of one brutal man.Therefore, the popularity of two-wheeled transport, and in some cases, does not fall so far.


Motorcycle "Ural Wolf" started to be issued in 1998.It was the first attempt to plant Irbitsky release "new" motorcycle."Ural Wolf" was trying to create competition in the domestic market (up to this point Japanese models easily set a monopoly).But, unfortunately, the massive success of the above two-wheeled transport was observed.All because of the greed of the manufacturer.The fact that the new "Wolf" was worth as much as a used Japanese and "Cruiser".The logic is simple.Why buy untested model, when for the same price you can find quality items overseas.But the success - it is a transient thing.Basically, many experts give high marks "wolf" product.


Perhaps the only indisputable advantage of "Wolf" - is its appearance.It is an innovative, elegant and attractive.It is for external indicators of this bike was the cover domestic motostroyeniya.In front you can see a large round headlight.It certainly is not fascinating, but not off-putting.Immediately it should be noted the abundance of chrome.Absolutely everything that is possible, glitters in the sun.On the side, you can get a better look motorcycle "Ural Wolf".Photos can not convey all the grandeur of the railway cars.The fuel tank is a powerful chest, put up in advance.Beneath it lies the heart of the motor - the engine.Pleases the seat of the bike.It is of high quality leather curved shape.Especially to not fly during the ride.Exhaust pipes look right, parallel to the ground.

Appearance "Wolf" downright can be called beautiful.Everything in its place.And most importantly, nothing else is required.Lack of desire to replace some part is already talking about the outer perfection motorcycle.

Classic Cruiser Motorcycle

"Ural Wolf" refers to a class of cruisers.By its very title (from the English word cruiser - literally "walk the course"), you can understand the purpose of this bike.Easy to travel - that's the mission of "Wolf."And it does not need high speed, good permeability, easy enough seats.

«Cruisers" - a motorcycle for people.Therefore, the "Ural Wolf" is characterized by a classical vertical landing.Straight back is not strained by a long drive, and it is important for every biker.For a complete picture impressively seat omitted quite low.The very strong driver's seat and soft, of high-quality leather.Footsteps brought forward, this foot does not bend at the knees and not numb.Cruisers by nature a bit heavy.Therefore, they are not chasing speed records.They have a good, powerful engine with high turnover, but in the presence there pretty well control.In general, the "Ural Wolf" - a bike to travel, but not for the track.From this need and draw on.

General characteristics

good bike - a "vigorous" motorcycle."Ural Wolf" (whose specifications are not very dazzling) not used to flaunt its power plant, because it can create competition only old Soviet motorcycles.Well, Irbitsky product got the insides of their ancestors.But this is not the worst thing that could happen, it is necessary to move forward.Motorcycle "Ural Wolf" feels free, and in urban areas and on highways.Traction him enough for everything.Also inspires confidence and good governance.It got the bike from the Italian colleagues.

Motorcycle Engine "Ural Wolf"

Once again we must reiterate that the "Wolf" does not strive for the right to become the fastest bike on any road.No, this bike has a rather unpretentious engine, which on its medium speed just the same presses forward.Motor standard for "Ural" type boxer.It belongs to the four-stroke system.The total volume of its cylinders is impressive 745 cubic centimeters.At the maximum capacity of 45 horsepower engine is capable of producing 4,000 rpm.In addition, the bike has two carburetors type «L 22 A".Eats "Ural Wolf" gasoline with an octane rating no lower than 92. As with all of his colleagues, "Wolf" is not economical model number one.Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is pretty big.At a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the figure stops at the level of 5.5 liters.At a speed of 90 kilometers per hour flow rate is increased to 6.5 liters per hundred kilometers.A motorcycle in the city eat as much as 7 liters.Many even for a cruiser.The fuel tank holds 22 liters of fuel.It turns out that when mixed type of driving without refueling can drive 400 kilometers.

Transmission four-stage.Has reverse.Therefore, every parking is not necessary to puzzle over how to get the same bike.Reverse gear - and you can go.


Motorcycle "Ural Wolf" has never been a "baby."Instead, the designers tried to make the bike do not, and a frigate on wheels.That can be observed.Distance from beginning to end is 2.31 meters.The wheelbase was stretched to 1690 mm.In the world of motorcycles is not a small size.The thickness of the bike is not so skinny - almost ninety centimeters.At the height of the motorcycle up to 1.15 meters.Moto Weight without internal liquids (lubricants, fuel, brake fluid) is 229 kilograms.

Motorcycle Design

«Wolf" does not look like a bucket of collapsing, like the rest of his colleagues, just because of one factor: the use in the development of the foreign units.Yes, to make your car better Irbitsky plant using foreign parts.Motorcycle "Ural Wolf" has turned out some good designer, rather than wholly domestic development.His bike maneuverability required to good governance.The steering system utilizes a conical bearing type of Italian production.In addition to kick-starter is still on the bike and the electronic ignition system.She had come to him from the "Ducati".Also available there are foreign batteries and generators.


Motorcycle "Ural Wolf" - a bike for the soul.It is impossible to drive fast, you can not ride on rough roads.Therefore, fans of speed, he will not do.But the so-called biker romance - at the time.Do not hurry to go to nature, to relax - and back into the city.